Unbearably cute baby animals that will make your day better

It’s been a tough week? We have something that will help to forget about fatigue and irritation. In this collection of incredibly cute baby animals is impossible to watch without smiling. If not enough, you can join the channel Reddit in r/Aww to take in a total of mimimi. But we have chosen the best, so sit back and prepare handkerchiefs in case of unforeseen tears of emotion.

Well, who can refuse this face?

Don’t say you don’t like snakes. It’s a little snake!

Just a handful of small rabbits…

Oh, it’s fluffy tum!

The little lizards birthday.

Little one enjoying the papaya.

The owl weighed.

Pink belly.

Affectionate Scottish calf.

He knows how people react to such milato, and did it.

Just look at those eyes.

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