At Synergy Online Forum, the experts discussed the credibility of new technologies and ways of protection in case of the second wave of the pandemic

На Synergy Online Forum эксперты обсудили доверие к новым технологиям и способы защиты на случай второй волны пандемии

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July 24 hosted an online broadcast Synergy Online Forumdedicated to the possibilities of artificial intelligence. Leading industry experts spoke about the prospects of development of innovative technologies, practical application of new developments in business and possible scenarios for the use of AI during the second wave of the epidemic.

About how artificial intelligence will help to cope with the coronavirus, said Chief Research Officer of the company Neuromation, head of the artificial intelligence lab at PDMI RAS Sergey Nikolenko. In his speech, he noted that he sees at least two possible directions that can help in the event of a second wave of the pandemic.

“The first is a deep neural network, in particular a generative model and the rival (GAN), and Bayesian (VAE, and others) — are widely used for drug discovery — finding molecules that can potentially possess the required properties (for example, to treat coronavirus). The second direction is a probabilistic model. One of the best examples that can be imagined for a story about the complex methods of probabilistic inference, models of the spread of infections, the so-called SIR-model (three States in this model: Susceptible-Infected-Recovered). In a typical such model is what is there: sampling and Markov methods, Monte Carlo and inference on Markov chains, and the EM-algorithm for training on incomplete data. Their use can also help in the fight against the coronavirus,” said the speaker.

Expert in the areas of augmented and virtual realities, founder of Connect and Insta AR Alexander Boronin the course of his speech spoke about the application of AI solutions in the business. He also advised entrepreneurs not to get carried away solely by theorizing in this field and pay more attention to the practical side of the question: “You need to understand in what moments you can now as people representing the business and any trends in the business, to implement the AI. Because, in General, of course, interested to know how to operate a neural network and computer vision system, the principle according to which different databases are made, but in General do you like business more simple tasks. And the main of them — if you bring in AI, what is the profit you will get from this, if you can get the profit quickly and that this is worth doing“.

CEO NtechLab Andrew Telenkov said that along with the business sector a greater role in the development of the industry played by state initiatives: “Artificial intelligence begins with the state initiatives. We find the principle: incentives before regulation. In our opinion, this is the key principle for the development of AI in the country. Now in the city there are hundreds of unmanned vehicles, at the wheel which still sit in the drivers but do not participate in the driving process. Some of the tasks of housing and communal services is really a computer, the artificial intelligence makes for a more comfortable public environment“.

Still the question of confidence in the technology AI is quite acute. According to the results of a survey conducted ahead of the forum Analytical centre of the University “synergy”, 20% of respondents are wary of implementing innovation in daily life. Primarily their concerns relate to the possible leak of personal data and violation of personal space. The study involved more than 2.3 thousand Russians at the age from 18 to 55 years.

Stream forum was held on the platform Synergy.Online — the virtual platform in the field of mass online education. On educational platform Synergy.Online weekly stream of the performances of the headliners of world level, leading entrepreneurs and top managers of Russian companies who prepare their lectures and workshops in the framework of the global and Russian agenda.

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