In Crimea, the hurricane nearly destroyed the whole village, falling stone fences and bent pipe

The village Pioneer the Simferopol area of Crimea on July 27, was the victim of a natural disaster, which has led to devastating consequences

The consequences of the devastating storm in the village Pioneer the Simferopol area of Crimea showed in the video.

At the recent online footage shows that the wind knocked down large trees, blew the roofs of houses and stone fences, bent pipe and iron poles.

Strong wind damaged the roof of the 26 houses near Simferopol

“Would you look at what happened here! The power of what a hurricane was. Roof perivale, posts put. Just threw up the post, he lays,” share the consequences of the witnesses.

In addition, disrupted the electrical grid. The result is disconnected from the power supply 8 000 subscribers.

And fell under the onslaught of the elements, the pole fell and damaged the pipeline. Luckily the gas pipe was blocked.

Now the consequences are quickly eliminated, there is a damage assessment.


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