The American media accused Russia of misinformation about the coronavirus

General Directorate of the General staff of Russia leads the US campaign of misinformation about the coronavirus. This writes the Associated Press.

Citing declassified intelligence materials and their sources, the publication reports that the two ex-employees of the Russian intelligence service, Alexander Starunsky and Denis Tyurin published false materials about pandemic coronavirus sites InfoRos, and

All portals had published about 150 articles about the pandemic from may 2020. In these texts extended version of American origin, coronavirus or a pandemic is “an experiment on the manipulation of the world.”

Recall that Starunsky and Tyurin management This portal, in addition to his, there are sites and Sources Associated Press claim that managers previously worked in Russian intelligence.

Earlier, the US and the EU have repeatedly accused Russia of spreading misinformation about the coronavirus. Moscow denies this. The Kremlin has previously called the allegations unfounded


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