Tall people are more at risk of Contracting coronavirus, say the researchers

According to a new survey, people whose height exceeds six feet (182 cm), twice as often diagnosed with coronavirus.

A team of researchers, including experts from the University of Manchester and Open University, interviewed 2,000 people in the UK and the United States to determine whether their physical characteristics, and lifestyle affect the spread COVID-19 and course of the disease.

The results showed that taller people are at higher risk. According to the researchers, this suggests that the infection is spread through the air: the growth of the infected did not play a role if the virus could be infected only through coughing and runny nose.

“Despite the fact that social distancing still important <…> wearing of masks can be just as — if not more — effective as a prevention of the disease. — experts stress — in addition, we should pay special attention to the ventilation of the premises”.


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