Foreigners can’t pick up the kids from surrogate mothers in Russia

About a thousand babies from surrogate mothers are unable to leave Russia because of the pandemic coronavirus and closure. About it reports The Guardian.

A member of an unnamed St. Petersburg company that provides surrogacy services, estimated the number of children from surrogate mothers, whose parents are foreigners are not allowed to export from Russia of at least 600.

“This is an acute problem. These children grow up. They need their parents,” — said in an interview with the Chairman of the Council on human rights under the President of Russia (HRC) Irina Kirkor.

Clarifies that among the foreign couples who are unable to take children out of Russia, about 180 families from China, as well as families from Singapore, France, Philippines, Argentina, and Australia.

The Guardian gained access to the group in the Chinese instant messenger WeChat, where parents have posted videos that have asked the Russian authorities to issue visas to enable them to pick up the kids from Russia (while caring for children Babysitting). Kirkor believes that such visas can be issued on the basis of genetic tests, however, the organization this procedure will take time


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