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Company Fidelity told about the huge potential of bitcoin

Fidelity analysts published a report which pointed to the growing importance of bitcoin as a safe-haven asset.

They to denote the role of bitcoin even used the term “insurance policy”. The largest cryptocurrency acts as a de facto defender of saving in conditions of increasing crisis of the global financial system.

The authors of the report said:

Many investors believe bitcoin is a desirable means of saving [capital] in the sense that he has great potential, but has not yet received wide application.

Among the main advantages of cryptocurrency researchers from the team’s Fidelity to allocate the limited issue of bitcoin and its decentralized nature. It is an innovative project, which has a giant and long-term prospects.

The report also stated that accelerating global inflation. Analysts draw attention to the fact that Central banks continue to print money, which consequently undermines investor interest in this instrument, which is impaired.

In parallel, the regulators retain the record low interest rates, which also leads to a capital outflow from securities, which yield is reduced. Once held halving (reducing rewards for miners), the value of BTC has increased significantly.

In the near future it will continue to grow, it became a positive impact on the cost of that asset.


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