The expert called the cause of repeated outbreaks of coronavirus in China

Chief epidemiologist of China stated that flares COVID-19 in Wuhan, Beijing and Dalian have certain similarities and are not accidental. They all occurred in the cold environment of the contaminated seafood markets. According to experts, the virus in these areas could be spread by aerosol transmission.

Эксперт назвал причину повторных вспышек коронавируса в Китае

In an interview with Global Times on Wednesday, 29 July, chief epidemiologist of the Chinese center for control and prevention of diseases in Tsungu noted that “a moist and cool environment” more favorable for the survival of the novel coronavirus. If it is still contaminated, the infection acquires the ability to proliferate faster, so to stop its spread will be much harder.

The specialist told about the experiment, conducted at the Beijing market “Sinhali” where a month ago there was an outbreak of a dangerous disease.

To simulate the virus, the researchers used fluorescent powder. They noticed that in the polluted environment of the wholesale market of the virus for a long time remain active.

Moreover, he retained the ability to infect humans by aerosol, in which the infection occurs through the ingestion of healthy people particles of airborne dust containing the pathogen. Also, when the aerosol method, the virus is transmitted from person to person by droplets during sneezing or coughing.

According to Tsungu, to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus in public places with humid and cool environment, for example, in the seafood markets, you need to install a good ventilation system. It will help greatly reduce the risk of infection.

According to the National Commission of health, on Thursday, July 30, in Dalian revealed five more patients with the coronavirus, and the four of them the disease proceeded in asymptomatic form. At the same time, Beijing authorities announced a new confirmed case COVID-19 associated with the outbreak in the administrative centre of Liaoning province.

While Tsungu said that the regional epidemic in Dalian has no specific connection with the outbreak in Beijing, adding that there is a high probability that the reason for its re-distribution in the cities have become infested with imported seafood.

The expert noticed that all the places that are experiencing outbreaks in Wuhan in the early years, in June in Beijing and now in Dalian, similar. They are all associated with fish and seafood.

This opinion is shared by the government of Liaoning province. On Wednesday, 29 July, local health officials reported that most of coronavirus patients are employees of the company for the processing of seafood Dalian Kaiyang Seafood or their close contacts.

However, according to epidemiologists, due to the fact that the source of the virus in Dalian was installed quite fast, is extra power introduced strict quarantine measures, and all employees of the company and their contact persons passed the tests for coronavirus, large-scale spread of infection in the city still managed to avoid.

In addition, many patients with COVID-19 was discovered before they had any symptoms.

And, since most of the inhabitants of Dalyan with confirmed coronavirus disease are asymptomatic, they pose no threat to society, the Chinese said the expert, stressing that local public health officials still need to closely monitor the places with the most favorable environment for survival of the virus.


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