Dogs can smell patients with mers — scientists have found

Turns out man’s best friend — and even, perhaps, his best chance to protect against coronavirus.

According to a new study, dogs can “smell” COVID-19 with an astounding accuracy of 94%. Thus, the dogs would be simply irreplaceable for carrying out instant tests in crowded places.

How to tell the scientists from the University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover and the Hanover Medical School (Germany), the dog was trained eight dogs of the German armed forces to recognize the infected saliva COVID-19 and to distinguish it from the saliva of healthy people.

Then the researchers randomly selected samples of 1,000 people, gave the dogs the command to calculate the infected, and found that the animals were right in 94% of cases.

According to one of the researchers, the virus probably affects the chemical processes in the body of patients, changing the smell of their saliva. That is why dogs can smell the difference.

“We think that dogs are able to sense odor metabolic changes through which patients”, explains Maren von Kenric Blickwede, a University Professor, who conducted the study.

This discovery gives experts hope that soon the dog will be able to prevent outbreaks of the potentially deadly virus, detecting patients at airports and large-scale events.


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