Tips Siberians: how to survive in the cold winter road

Winter is a difficult time for the car, and what can we say about the harsh winter in the Russian North, where the temperature is minus 40 — business as usual. A long road here, you need to prepare thoroughly, otherwise you can pay not only health, but life.

Siberian newspaper “Amurskaya Pravda” has shared his tips on how to survive the winter on the road, left alone with a broken car, and what you should bring when going on a long journey.

Every year recorded the tragic cases of deaths on the road, when people die in accidents and from the cold. The car breaks down, gets a mobile phone, and the hapless driver finds himself on the verge of life and death, alone on the winter road. How most effectively to prepare for the long road, not to be powerless before the elements of winter and cold? Good advice about giving the emergency workers and experienced truck drivers.

On the frosty road, the law: the salvation of the freezing depends on it. From force majeure, no one is safe, so you need to be ready for anything. And all who were in a stalled or stuck in snow car, the first thing you need to call the emergency number 112. Otherwise, the only hope for relatives and friends who will look for the missing driver. In the cold save a life, the ability to build a fire: the life-giving warmth to help you survive the hours of waiting.

“The most important thing in this situation — to keep sane. You need to think clearly, not get confused and understand what I do. In the most extreme and desperate case, if you have absolutely freezes — Yes, even you slept in your car! Car you can buy, can not buy life” — says a trucker with years of experience Vitaly Ryabov.

In the winter before a long journey you need to carefully prepare the car: the eyeballs more gas, carefully check the engine and the battery, be sure to fill with quality antifreeze, and also to take care of the insulation body and hood, to insulate the seat.

During the preparation for the trip should carefully study the route, noting on the track café and settlements. It should be noted that at gas stations you can not even start to get warm, because the staff refills it can be banned, they are risking their money. In the event of an emergency it is better to rely on cafes and in any case do not go at random.

“To go, you need to know in which direction. Sometimes people go in the opposite direction to the settlement direction. Don’t know where to go, you’d better not. It is impossible to focus without thinking: if that star look, go home,” continues the truck driver Vitaly Ryabov.

In case of emergency put it in the trunk of the things you might need in an emergency situation: paper adhesive tape, candles, blankets, or plastic sheeting for Windows, quilts, warm clothes, sapper shovel, candles, a thermos of hot drink.

Experienced drivers never leave the garage in the winter without first taking with him fur outerwear, gloves, hat and shoes with fur, quilted blankets. It is useful to wear underwear. Certainly need to take care of the food. Bring at least a couple of sandwiches, chocolate, high-calorie nuts. Definitely a must be a thermos of hot drink. Check the first aid kit put into it all the medications you may need in an emergency.

Before the trip, it is necessary not only to pick up your phone and charge the battery, but do not be lazy and be sure to warn family, friends or even neighbors. If you don’t make contact, they can raise the alarm — and you will come through. In case of emergency first call 112 is the single number emergency call for recruitment from all mobile operators and landline phones. Also, the mobile networks of MTS and “the Megaphone” can dial 010, 101, users of bee — 001 and 101.

If the engine still stalled, the driver can save a fire near the car. Therefore, in the road in the winter definitely need to take a match, and even better to take an alcohol lamp and candles. In a pinch, you can burn the tires. Thus it is necessary to carefully with an open fire and to kindle it in the vicinity of the machine.

“It is elementary — in the glove box you should always have a lighter, a couple of boxes of matches. You can slowly burn the rags, branches. You can dig up the snow to get grass. In the extreme case you can always start to burn tires. By car five wheels, one spare, start with him, says an experienced driver Vitaly Ryabov. — In case you did not work lighter and no spare fuel, you can produce fuel from the tank. This will require a sharp object like a screwdriver and a bottle. You can punch a tank to get fuel to throw on the branches or grass and burn it. Or just buy a couple of bottles of the liquid for ignition barbecues and carry in the trunk.”

Hot drinks are offered in the state of emergency can only help to RUB alcohol, this is only the case, when it was warm. To drink in the cold because you lose control over the situation or to sleep.

To insulate the machine can be paste over the doorways on the perimeter with a paper tape. The seal of the car doors not sealed, and sticky tape will help to eliminate drafts. Decorate your Windows using faster glass just takes the heat. This can be done with blankets, cloth or plastic film. In the end, you will be in the car, like a bear den.

“We need to ask for help to others: shaking hands, holding up the cars passing by. In extreme cases you can put the car across the road, then stop for sure”, — says Vitaliy Ryabov.

In the trunk have to be sapper shovel, which can be used to dig out the car, run off the road, or insulate it with snow waiting for help. For this sketch of snow small shaft up to the door threshold that will allow to fence off the bottom of the car against the ingress of cold air.

Good luck on the winter roads!

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