A wave of frustration: Italians require exit from the EU

Волна разочарования: итальянцы требуют выхода из ЕСIn Italy are increasingly discussing the feasibility of the country’s membership in the European Union because of the frustration of the Italians in the politics of Brussels on the background of the pandemic coronavirus. And, despite the considerable success of Rome in the negotiations with the EU on financial support, the situation is aggravated by dissatisfaction with the actions of their own government. Adding fuel to the fire and the emergence of a party called “Italexit”, whose main goal — the output of Italy from the EU.

Italy is one of the founding countries of the European Union is faced with rising euroscepticism among the population. The theme of a possible exit of Rome from the Union is not new, but in terms of the pandemic in the fashion industry, she has acquired a special urgency.

According to the July survey Redfield&Wilton Strategies, almost 50% of Italians are ready to support a referendum on leaving the EU, only 43% of respondents believe this decision is unjustified. In the study two years ago, the number of supporters of withdrawal of Italy from the enterprises accounted for 30%.

The disappointment of the Italians in the institutions of the European Union is understandable, since the epidemic has exposed the key problem enterprises — the lack of a unified health system, and thus the mechanism for providing emergency assistance to the country in a pandemic.

In the end, when the Italians were faced with a shortage of medicines and ventilators and appealed to Brussels with a request for assistance, in response, they received only silence. Neighbouring countries instead of support began to rush to close their borders from the “affected state”, as European politicians openly called the coronavirus, “the Italian problem”.

Subsequently, the negative added protracted disputes Europeans to support to the most affected countries, which took place in a tense atmosphere due to the reluctance of the Netherlands and several other States to provide grant aid to southern Europe, especially Italy.

The transaction Fund to support the economy of European countries in mid-July not too much affected by the situation, although it generally had been a major victory of the Italian side. Companies will be able to count on more than €200 billion, but most of them will still be credit.

As stated in conversation with “Газетой.Ru” senior research fellow, Center for European studies, MGIMO-University Elena Maslova,

the problem of euroscepticism is really relevant in Italy but not at the government level, and in popular sentiment.

“I wonder what the background of the coronavirus opposition in the face of the “Northern League” has not used a strong wave of frustration among the Italians in the EU institutions. Party leader Matteo Salvini did not play on the theme of withdrawal from the Union and is entirely gone in the migrant theme. That is, the place is vacant and this wave came the other leaders are ready to fight for political points on the subject of leaving the EU” — said the expert.


One of these leaders was Gianluigi Paragon, which at the end of July registered a new party under the name “Italexit” — a direct reference to Brexit. The politician had met with the leader of the eponymous British party led by Nigel Farage — one of the main ideologists of a British exit from the EU.

The Paragon himself said that the creation of the party was inspired by the inhabitants of the Apennines, consistently there were movements calling for an exit from the Eurozone.

Despite the fact that “Italexit” officially created on July 23, according to local media polls, the party is already receiving support 5% of respondents.

“Our path will be long, will have to wait until 2023 (new elections to Parliament). But, from this point on, Europe would be my greatest ally in the election campaign, because it has taken measures detrimental to the Italians”, — stressed the Paragon.

Party “Italexit” can count about 10% of the votes, if elections to Parliament were held in the moment, indicates Elena Maslova, stressing that it is a pretty good result.

“But in the medium term the party is the Paragon unlikely to achieve significant results in achieving its goal of leaving the EU. But if it will continue its activities, it is likely to be able to make “spice” to the relationship of Rome and Brussels,” — said the expert.

Among the outstanding figures in Italian politics, the negative attitude of people towards Brussels also uses the leader of the right-wing “Brothers of Italy — national Alliance” George Maloney. In particular, she supported the anti-government protest “orange jackets”, that was aimed at rejection of the Euro and Italy’s exit from the EU.

Illegal strike

The dissatisfaction of Italians with their government quite resonates with their desire to leave the European Union.

The fact that the consequences of a pandemic is not the only reason for the wrath of the people of Italy.

In the foreground a long time, is the problem of illegal migrants, which the authorities cannot overcome.

This factor has become even more acute because of the epidemic, as the influx of illegal aliens negatively affect the epidemiological situation in Italy. As said the head of the interior Ministry of the Republic of Luciana Lamorgese, uncontrolled, illegal migration from North Africa is an extremely serious problem for the Republic.

The problem is that the refugees do not comply with the necessary precautions, said the Minister. In particular, they violate the two-week quarantine, which further exacerbates the situation so difficult with the coronavirus.

By the way, the migration topic is actively used against the government, the head of the “Northern League” Salvini. As a former interior Minister, he appeals to the loss of control over the illegal immigrants from Rome.

From his point of view, the government performs the task of Brussels in exchange for support from European bureaucrats, which affects the position of the Italians themselves.

Many people in Italy share the opinion Salvini, which confirms the success of his party in the elections to the European Parliament. While criticism of government policies is added to the dissatisfaction with the leadership of the EU, which supposedly forces the Italians to accept refugees.

People’s opinion

If leaving the main problems that most citizens of Italy recently concerned about the government’s decision on extending state of emergency until October 15, giving more powers to the regional and Federal authorities.

Such a decision of the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte explained that the coronavirus continues to change, so it would be inappropriate to suddenly suspend such effective measure as the state of emergency.

However, Italians appreciate the actions of the Cabinet in a negative way. As stated “Газете.Ru” tourist guide of Siena Alexander Tetenko,

the government came to a complete violation of the Constitution and not doing the necessary things for its citizens.

“Italy came out of quarantine after all, but for some reason rim decided to extend the state of emergency until October 15 — as if it’s all done to kill the Italian economy at the root. In my environment, often talk about Italy’s exit from the European Union and basically all over. Many of my friends support this proposal,” — said the interlocutor of the edition.

In turn, the lawyer from the South of Italy Elvira Picca sure that the ruling “Democratic party” and “five star Movement” in Italy in fact established a dictatorship, which confirms another extension of the emergency mode. In her opinion, due to this the authorities are going to at least force the Italians to vaccinate against coronavirus.

“The majority of Italians are in favour of leaving the EU first and foremost, the people of Italy want to return to the Lira and abandon the Euro. Due to this, the country will strengthen its economic position that will allow us to leave the EU” — she said in an interview with “Газетой.Ru”.

The Italian merchant Francesco Verardi confident that the current authorities are working to meet the needs of the European Union, thereby ignoring the needs of their own citizens — this is very frustrating the Italians.

“Many people in Italy have a positive attitude towards withdrawal from the EU, among my friends most of the dreams about it,” said Verardi edition.

The output to be?

However, the desire of the Italians to withdraw from the EU not too consistent with the policies of their government, and even opposition parties. Of course, Paragon and Meloni there are exceptions, but often those or other politicians are not eager to give up membership in the EU. It perfectly demonstrates the path of the “Northern League”, which in 90 years has taken a tough stance on this issue but is currently limited to only the critical rhetoric towards Brussels.

Besides, the ambiguous attitude of the inhabitants of Italy to his government premiere ratings are stable at 60%, and in a pandemic, the figure reached 70%. In this Conte cannot be called a supporter of a rupture of relations with the European Union.

From the perspective Elena Maslova, the issue Italexit key values will have what as the expectations of Italians will coincide with the further policy of Brussels.

“At the EU summit, Italy has achieved unprecedented results that satisfy Italian society — that is, there was a kind of apology from Brussels. If you later assistance from the EU will be justified, and Italian citizens feel European support, most likely the current crisis will be in vain”, — concluded the expert.

The reverse situation is likely to be extremely disadvantageous for both sides because the British Brexit demonstrated how long, unprofitable and costly to leave the Union. In addition, the withdrawal of Italy from the EU is likely to push on these thoughts other state enterprises. As you know, this kind of talk is already well under way in the Netherlands because of a formal failure strategy of the country for talks on rescue of economy of enterprises.

The output has three States may cast doubt on the very existence of the European Union, however, again, while cogent arguments in favor of such a development no.


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