“Carriers are against this will not stand”: that is Russia

"Авианосцы против такого не устоят": что испытывает Россия

Andrew Kots. Heavy-duty, indestructible, fast — Russian Ministry of defense announced the beginning of the test media for the latest strategic weapon. We are talking about the nuclear submarine K-329 “Belgorod”, which runs in an unmanned underwater vehicle “Poseidon” with nuclear power. The first launch of the combat drone is scheduled for the fall. About the power of “Poseidon” and why is he so afraid of in the West — in the material RIA Novosti.

The underlying argument

About “Poseidon”, the world learned after the appeal of President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly on March 1, 2018. However, in December 2016, the CIA said that Russia experienced a deep drone with a nuclear power plant. Since this project is in the spotlight of Western intelligence services. And it is clear: “Poseidon” actually makes useless all the expensive missile defence programme of the USA.

This device is a miniature robotic nuclear submarine. Similar to a large torpedo. According to Western military experts, “Poseidon” weighs several tens of tons. To transport it can only be special submarine. Today is “Belgorod” (tested), and, according to some, built a few. In February 2019, the reported that “Poseidon” was confirmed by their performance in the sea.

The drone develops great speed, elusive submarine, plunges to a kilometer depth, independently calculates an optimal route to the destination. Range — unlimited. All this makes the underwater drone is extremely difficult target for anti-submarine defence of the NATO countries. And if he manages to reach the shores of the enemy or the fighting orders of the enemy ships, it will cause enormous damage.

Provided as a conventional warhead and nuclear. The drone can be used to destroy large surface targets, including aircraft carriers. With unlimited movement range “Poseidon” is ready indefinitely to hunt down a big fish, waiting for the right moment to attack. A nuclear or thermonuclear equipment he is able to literally devastate the enemy coast.

"Авианосцы против такого не устоят": что испытывает Россия

According to experts, the power of the warhead up to 100 megatons. For comparison, the largest thermonuclear charge, tested on Earth, the Soviet “Tsar Bomba” was 50 megatons. However, I believe in the CIA, and ten megatons is enough to inflict irreparable damage. “Torpedo judgment day” will be able to destroy the naval base, cause radioactive contamination of vast territories, to literally wash away coastal towns of the artificial tsunami.

Protection from interference

Submarine “Belgorod” first carrier “Poseidon” — will be part of the Navy until the end of the year. The boat laid on the “Sevmash” as nuclear cruiser with cruise missiles project “Antey” in 1992. due to financial difficulties was not completed, but in 2012 the ship was mortgaged to special project 09852. The case greatly extended — from 154 to 184 meters. Underwater displacement — 30 tons. This is one of the largest nuclear submarines in the world.

An important feature of the way the screws are of an unusual design for exceptional low noise. That is, the submarine is able to go undetected on the line of attack and release “Poseidon.” According to various sources, one submarine will take from two to six underwater drones. Other weapons on her, probably never will.

“The drone a lot of advantages. A submarine with a crew on Board is certainly a powerful weapon, but there are certain limitations on the human factor, explains RIA Novosti military expert Alexander Zhilin. — “Poseidon” can constantly be on alert and to perform tasks at any time. UAVs of this class, of course, require great responsibility, because the control is via software. It is clear that there are certain risks, if, conventionally, hackers will try to take control. But, after talking with our engineers, designers, I came to the conclusion that protection from external interference dramatically.”

To Limit Russia

In military and political circles in the U.S. “Poseidon” caused, if not panic, it is a serious concern. Western analysts mostly agree that the underwater drone at a nuclear-powered with a special warhead — not that other, as an effective response to Russia on the deployment of American missile defense system.

However, an expert on intelligence and arms control Steven Pifer noted that “Poseidon” will not greatly change the strategic balance of forces, as the torpedo, which needs a few days to reach the shores of the US, is definitely the weapon of retaliation.

However, the Americans would prefer that Russia was not such a shock systems. In early July, the special representative of the President of the United States on arms control Marshal Billingsley called “Poseidon” and the project of a cruise missile with a nuclear engine “stormy Petrel” a terrible weapon. He commented on an article in Forbes magazine, which put forward the theory that the reason the Swedes recently discovered enhance background radiation — testing one of these systems.

“No matter, responsible for the latest incident or not, Billingsley wrote on Twitter. But this shows why Moscow should send these projects on the shelf. A big waste of money for nothing. In addition, they are not covered by the start-3. The following agreement must include this weapon”.

The Americans had previously insisted on limiting the latest Russian weapons, including non-nuclear hypersonic anti-ship missiles “Zircon”. Otherwise, they refuse to renew the contract start-3. However, the majority of military experts believe that the Kremlin should not succumb to the pressure. The US has no leverage left to save the world leadership, with the exception of nuclear blackmail. But Washington’s desire to limit the technological progress of the Russian defense industry due to the fact that the Americans know how such development there is not expected.


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