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The air per day showed the best results of the top ten cryptocurrency

In the last 24 hours the largest Aldon ether (ETH) showed the best results of the top 10 crypto-currencies, rising more than 6%.

On Friday, July 31, the rate of ETH is very close to $340, the capitalization of the digital currency is now more than $37.8 billion Last time at this level, the air was traded at the end of June 2019.

Analysts believe that an important event in the history of the ecosystem will be taking the mark of $350. In this case, the inflow of capital into allcoin will increase, and there will be opportunities to test values above $400.

Increasing transaction fees in Ethereum are an important factor, indicating the preservation of ascending dynamics of cryptocurrencies.

As noted by one expert tweeted that the ETH holders are willing to pay such a high fee, and this means that the demand for transactions increases.

High network fees in Ethereum are the result of activation of market participants DeFi performing transactions with tokens ERC20.

This week on the transaction fees in Ethereum reached to $0.4, which is significantly higher than on the blockchain Tron. Note that in some networks, such as NANO, transactions, users generally free.

Frequently occurring network congestion, force the developers of Ethereum to accelerate the activation of the updates ETH2.0, designed to significantly increase the capacity of the project. Recently one of the developers of Afri Sedon said that the update will be ready this fall.


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