17 good facts that will make you believe in miracles

Every day in the information space we are surrounded by so much negativity, that eventually we begin to forget about the many positive things that surround us. To refresh your memory, we have made a selection of the 17 facts and stories about human kindness, compassion and self-sacrifice. I hope they will make your day better.

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After the Fukushima tragedy, one Japanese, he refused evacuation and remained in his native village to feed the abandoned animals there. Now men have no neighbors (used to live here more than 15 thousand people), no water and electricity, but has a good heart. Thanks to him, managed to save dozens of dogs, a hundred cats, a dozen horses and one ostrich.

Actor Jim Cummings, voice of Winnie the Pooh, regularly calls for sick children and talking to them in the voice of a cartoon character. So the man tries a little bit to distract children from the hospital routine. And, it is worth noting, it is not.

In Germany there are special fences that protect migrating frogs from the wheels of cars. Some fences are in special tunnels, which amphibians can safely cross the road, others just delay their movement until, until you see the volunteers and get them.

In 1868, Liechtenstein went to war with 80 soldiers. Much to the surprise of local, back to back 81. It turned out that in the war they became friends with the Italian military, who in the end wanted to leave their homeland and move to Liechtenstein.

American musician Billy Joel on the eve of his concerts never sold tickets in the first row. Instead, he handed them out to people who, due to financial difficulties are unable to buy their own. Thus, Billy has surrounded himself with “true music lovers” and not “ordinary rich”.

Swedish millionaire Johan Elias made a great contribution to the preservation of nature. In 2005 a man with his own funds acquired nearly 2000 square kilometers of rainforest in Brazil to turn them in reserve. Thus, the oligarch managed to save from destruction the “green area” the size of London.

In 1977 a group of nine women secretly baking pies to distribute them to poor people. About their “hobby” no one knew, even members of their families. To preserve the anonymity of the women had to meet at 4am.

The noble lady also had to pay bills, low-income widows and single mothers. Only recently their good deeds became public.

Anthony Smith from Salem, new Hampshire as early as 4 years had to wear a hearing aid, which often felt inadequate. In order to help the young comic book fan, Marvel created a new superhero, Blue Ear (“Blue ear”).

A copy of the comic with new character brought the boy’s mother. The happiness of the child there was no limit when he saw the magazine caption: “Thanks to my hearing device, I hear someone in trouble!”.

The members of this biker club, since 1995, is regularly accompanied in court of victims of bullying. Bikers ride home those who bullied at school, and the moral support of people who have to testify against their abusers.

American millionaire Harris Rosen, founder of Rosen Hotels & Resorts has taken under his wing the whole district in Florida, paying for all the poor students of the College. The businessman also made sure that the younger children had the opportunity to go to kindergartens and schools.

Thanks to his act of goodwill percentage of people who are educated in this area increased from 25 to 100% and the crime rate has decreased by half.

In 1984 a Robert Cunningham decided to try his luck in the lottery. The man asked the waitress of the establishment, which he always visited, to help him pick the right combination. As a result, the Phillies called the winning number and after a week received from Robert deserved “tip” of $ 3 million dollars.

For anybody not a secret that bill gates is actively involved in charity, but only few can imagine the actual size of this assistance. According to official data, in 2007 the businessman donated to good causes more than $ 28 million and thus saved the lives of 6 million people.

On the 18th anniversary of all Italians receive from the state a very original gift. They are given the opportunity to spend 500 euros for visits to museums, theatres, performances and other cultural events. Due to this, every year about 600 thousand Italians become closer to the art.

8-year-old resident of Seattle for so long has fed the Raven and cared for them, the birds eventually decided to thank her. Winged “friends” continually bring to the school a variety of jewelry and trinkets. Their girl keeps in a special box.

Some Russian and Swedish blood centers send out to their donors such messages. Thanks to them, even after a few years, people will be able to find out what saved the life of some patient.

According to German law, it is forbidden to euthanize Pets, not having good reasons. Therefore, cats and dogs usually sit in shelters where they are in 90% of cases are alive and unharmed fall into good hands to the new owners.

In Costa Rica, runs a huge dog shelter under the open sky. Currently it amicably and happily live almost 1000 dogs. If desired, visitors can walk around the grounds of the orphanage.

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