Solovyov responded sharply to the accusations of Poland in the death of Kaczynski

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov said charges Poland for the death of President Lech Kaczynski.

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov reacted sharply to the allegations of the Polish side that the TNT allegedly caused the explosion on Board of Polish President Lech Kaczynski, was laid down during repair of the aircraft in the Russian Federation.

The journalist said that the Russian side can not be involved in this tragedy, because the liner after the departure of the Polish capital, did not land on the territory of Russia, reports Russian Dialogue.

Even if hypothetically to assume that Russia planted a bomb on the plane Kaczynski, then NATO would have to declare war Moscow, added the leader.

According to the journalist before you make such accusations, it is necessary to disclose specific evidence, formed on the basis of examinations.


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