How to dig potatoes and to preserve the harvest?

Как правильно копать картофель и сохранить урожай?

Summer time this year, happy gardeners. Weather forecasters promise a hot summer, and that means you can count on a good harvest. Especially busy gardeners over the potatoes. No wonder he is called the second bread in the house. The most important stages of cultivation of this culture were passed. It remains to solve a few important issues to save your harvest for a long time.

What to do with the tops?

On this topic truckers have different opinions. Some believe that it is better before digging in to cut off all the tops. Then the tubers ripen better. Others on the contrary, against this method, because the potato does not receive the necessary nutrients.
And those and others rightly argue. The green foliage really gives the necessary power to the tubers, but at the same time, can be a breeding ground for various diseases. In fact, the tops do not need either to cut or to leave.

Is the most efficient drying. Here is a simple and effective way. Potato leaves sprayed with copper sulfate (50g per 1 liter of water) or magnesium chlorate (60 g on 1 l of water). It’s better to do a week before harvesting potatoes. As a result, the tops gradually dries up, and the nutrients go into the tubers.

What are the advantages of artificial drying:

  • medications are absolutely harmless;
  • the tubers are getting more nutrients, so the harvest will be good;
  • reduces the amount of nitrates in root-crops;
  • while digging the tubers easier to separate from the roots.

Why loosen the earth?

Usually gardeners are weeding and hoeing in early summer. First, harrow, knock down the weeds, and then Spud a couple of times, until the growing tops. In August, nobody loose soil under the potatoes. And for good reason. In August it benefits. The tubers will get more air, the skin will become rougher. This will help to better preserve the crop, and will not penetrate into the tuber of the various diseases.

Как правильно копать картофель и сохранить урожай?

How to dig and sort the tubers?

Digging potatoes is better than a shovel, and a pitchfork. The earth is sifted between the teeth and less risk to cut the tubers, as it turns out with a shovel. It is only necessary to dig at a distance of 30 cm from the nest to pry it off and turn on the bed.

Как правильно копать картофель и сохранить урожай?

Sort the potatoes must immediately, and not after he has collected the entire crop. To select seed potatoes from a good better nest, where all the tubers are healthy and plentiful. Often gardeners immediately collect the entire crop, dry it and then select large tubers for seed. But they can be from the hive with a small harvest or, even worse, from the patient. Therefore, select seed tubers have good nests.

Once selected the seed potatoes, you can sort the rest of the harvest. Good lay tubers in storage, and damaged or small for food.

Then you have to dry the potatoes. Dried for about 2 hours and you better not be in the sun and under the canopy. Otherwise the tubers will turn green and become unfit for food. If there is caked dirt, do not just clear from her tubers can damage the young skin and the crop will quickly rot.

Как правильно копать картофель и сохранить урожай?

When the potato has dried, it is necessary to fill it in a dry place. There the crop must be stored for 2-3 weeks. Potatoes it dries and gets forces. Then it is possible to fall asleep in the cellar, where the harvest will be stored all winter.
Such useful tips are to spend their time and to work on the harvest. Then work in the garden will not be in vain, but tasty and crisp fries on the table will please owners until next summer.


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