Not the Bayan, a Russian grandmother DiCaprio: pictures of famous people who have not yet walked on the Internet, and their history

The number of materials with the title “celebrity Photos you’ve ever seen” tens (seriously, just googled it and the results received “approximately 643 000 results”). Today a miracle happened — we first came across a compilation of “rarities”, which themselves are never really seen in any other collection. Publish pictures and the history of each of them.

Selfie of Frank Sinatra, 1938

For the first time the world saw this picture in December 2015. Then opened in London an exhibition of photographs from the family archive of singer and actor Frank Sinatra. Images provided of the artist’s granddaughter Amanda Erlinger. A photo of your reflection Sinatra did in a medical office. Amanda confessed that when he first saw the picture exclaimed: “This is a selfie!”

Joseph Stalin at the funeral of his first wife Kato Svanidze, 1907

Different sources at different times published controversial information about the relationship of Stalin (born Dzhugashvili) with his first wife Ekaterina Svanidze (Kato). There are three documented date. The first is the wedding of Joseph and Kato was held in the Church of St. David in the night from 15 to 16 July 1906. Kato did not change the name, and the future revolutionary had married under the assumed — Guliashvili. That night held a simple wedding, which was no more than 10 people.

The second confirmed date is the birthday of their son Jacob, March 18, 1907. Baptized the boy the mother of Kato in 1908. In the same year listed as the year of birth of the son of Stalin. The fact that the grandmother of James specifically agreed with the priest who baptized the boy, changing the year of birth. Everything to ensure that orphaned grandson had a year’s respite from service in the tsarist army.

The third confirmed date — November 22, 1907, the day when Kato Svanidze, died of tuberculosis. The message about the death of Kato was published in the newspaper “Tskaro”: “our deepest sorrow to inform mates, friends and family on the death of Catherine Semyonovna Svanidze Joseph Dzhugashvili — his wife, Simon and Sephora — daughter, Alexandra, Alexander and Mariko is his sister. The removal of the body in Kolomenskoe Church November 25, at 9 a.m., Freylinsky, 3”. She was buried in Tbilisi on Kocisko cemetery.

Tom cruise, Nicole Kidman and Stanley Kubrick on the film “eyes wide shut”, 1999

“Eyes wide shut” by Kubrick, which was released in 1999, a few months after the death of the Director. The then couple Tom cruise and Nicole Kidman agreed to sign open contracts, that is committed to do as much as needed Kubrick, however long it may continue. It is considered that getting used to the role of alienated from each other spouse negatively affected their own relationship. Shortly after filming, they parted.

Eduard Limonov, 1994

Eduard Limonov — writer, journalist and political activist. From July 2010 in addition is the founder and head of the unregistered party “the Other Russia”. Since July 2006, an active member of the Kremlin opposition movement “Other Russia”, the organizer of a number of “marches of dissent”.

In 1994, when was this picture, Limonov said that the future of Russia “Union of nationalists and Communists”. In the same year he presented his book “Limonov against Zhirinovsky” as an accusatory letter to Zhirinovsky. Limonov was considered the leader of the liberal democratic party and of no effect “excessively moderate” politician — this was expressed in strong convergence with the President.

The did photographer Sergey Borisov.

It was like this. For some editions, I can not remember what, had to make a calendar. The characters I chose. Among others, I suggested Limonov. He was not yet a political activist, just returned from Paris. I agreed with him, come to him. When traveling, had no idea what he was going to become a politician. Bought big lemons, hoping to beat his name. And he’s already on the table was a layout of the future of the newspaper “Limonka”. I cut the lemon from the lemon and asked him to do so. He agreed with pleasure. The calendar came out, but without Limonov — he still became a politician, and decided not to. And we became friends.

Sergey Borisov, in an interview for Interview magazine Russia

Adolf Hitler, the late 20-ies of the last century

This is one of the rare pictures published in early promotional pamphlet Deutschland Erwache (“Germany awakes”). After some time the Fuhrer stopped liking the pictures, and he was forbidden to publish, including this one. This “inappropriate” photos of a tyrant and completely disgusted.

The only picture, or rather daguerreotype, Niccolo Paganini (1782-1840)

Dagerotipii one of the first photographic technologies, the result of which will not like a modern photo, the reflection in the mirror. The image consists of the amalgam formed by the interaction of silver and mercury, so dagerotipii often called the “mirror with a memory”.

The violinist was born in 1782, in the family of a petty merchant in Genoa. His father tried desperately to teach music to the eldest son of Carlo, but he was absolutely impervious to the lessons. Then the parent left alone eldest son and took over Niccolo. His desire to grow up the son of a musician was so strong that sometimes father locked son in closet for as long as he does not learn particularly difficult etude. The first concert of Niccolo Paganini was held in eleven years. The concert of the Prodigy, playing their own variations of famous works, shocked the audience.

This grim-looking man, gambler, and rowdy completely transformed, taking up the violin. Even those who believed that his reputation as the best violinist in the world inflated, had to put up when they had a chance to hear him play.

Igor Stravinsky, 1940

15 APR 1940 Boston police arrested the composer Igor Stravinsky for the arrangement (choir and orchestra) of the American national anthem StarSpangled Banner. The national anthem was considered a national treasure, and Federal law prohibits on the original composition of any manipulation. The composer released the same day as he interceded for him powerful friends.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his Russian grandmother from Perm Indenbirken Helen (nee Elena Smirnova)

The name of their ancestors DiCaprio — Smirnov. His grandmother, Helen, Indenbirken, nee Smirnov emigrated from Russia to Germany. In the States the woman moved in the early 50-ies. Russian grandmother often visited by Leonardo and even attended the filming of “Titanic” in Mexico and the premiere in London.

In numerous interviews she has repeatedly said how proud his famous grandson and enjoys his visit to her in Germany where she and her husband decided to settle down after 30 years of living in America. Helen died in 2008 at the age of 93 years.

Actress Brigitte Bardot oversees the work of Pablo Picasso in his Studio in Vallauris. France, 1956

Bardot and Picasso met in 1956. Then already held the artist was 74 years old, and the actress is just 21. At that time, she has managed to appear in 17 films.

In 1956, Brigitte Bardot visited the Cannes film festival, which took place on the coast near the Villa of Pablo Picasso in Vallauris. Then the young actress came to the artist in guests. LIFE magazine sent to Picasso his correspondent Jerome Brieuc, which has a picture of Bardot and Picasso together. The history of acquaintance of a young beautiful Bardot and Picasso, who was known for his Affairs with women much younger than him, seemed to be great material.

Mother Teresa at 18, 1928

Agnes Gange, Boagiu was born August 27, 1910 into a Catholic family. Her father, Nikola, Boagiu was co-owner of a large construction company and a successful merchant. After her husband’s death, mother Agnes is home to a family of six orphans and raised them along with three native children. Then, she supported us by sewing and embroidering.

From childhood, Agnes sang in the Church choir with her sister Agatha. Gonge spent a lot of time in the order of the Holy virgin Mary. In 1929 she reached Calcutta. On may 24, 1937, Agnes took her vows and became Director of the Department of Bengali at the school of St. Anna. She took the religious name Teresa after Saint Therese of Lisieux, a French nun of the nineteenth century, which sought to do good, be happy doing the dirty work.

80-year-old mother of Sergei Yesenin at the grave of her son in the last year of his life. Moscow, 1955

August 5, 1925 in the 5th room of the hotel “Angleterre” was the corpse of the man, which police in the presence of witnesses identified the poet Sergei Yesenin. Suicide was recognized as an official.

On the fortieth day after the poet’s death his mother Tatyana Fyodorovna Esenina, had a son. According to her, he talked to her for two hours. This dream Tatiana, a simple Russian peasant, tried to Express in verse:

He was in a dream came to me,
with me the spirit of sharing.
He leaned on my shoulder,
wept bitterly, fervently:

“Sorry, mom is to blame!
What I did — he is not happy”.
On the head of a large scar.
Pain wound, he died.

The future Patriarch Kirill visiting the healer juna

In turn, she visited the home of the most senior officials in the USSR. Did what couldn’t Ninel Kulagina and Rosa Kuleshova. I accompanied her to the alley at Prechistenka, where the patriarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Waited half an hour in the car at the yard. From the chambers of the Patriarch Pimen came out shining with a gift — a Golden platter, miniature Cup and spoon. Another time took out the icon of St. Eugenia… In may 1981, took home on the street Viktorenko to the rector of the Leningrad theological Academy and Seminary, Vladimir Mikhailovich, Metropolitan Kirill, the future Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, and in June, staying at his invitation in Leningrad and Seattle. In those days, met with the Ambassador of West Germany by Andreas Landrum. Autumn was invited to Star city to meet with the astronauts.

From the book of the Lion Column, “Jun. Secrets of the great healer”

Ernest Hemingway passport photo, 1923

In the early 20-ies of the Hemingway family moved to Paris and wrote for the local newspaper the Toronto Star (canadian newspaper) his short stories and sketches. This gave Ernest the opportunity to choose topics for essays and work on their own style. The first works of Hemingway become essays, making fun of American tourists, the “Golden youth” and playboy, which flowed into post-war Europe for cheap entertainment (“Here it is — Paris”, “American Bohemians in Paris,” etc.).

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