The woman who gave birth in Japan, shared what they feed you in the hospital. Now everybody wants to give birth in Japan

Hospital food has long acquired the reputation of being inedible. Tasteless, colourless and causing retching dishes seem to specifically exist to make and so difficult a hospital stay unbearable.

Recently, a woman who has given birth in Japan, shared on the online service Imgur 12 photos of some of the meals that she was given at the hospital while she lay in the maternity ward. Each looks even more appetizing than in restaurants. In Japan pay great attention to the appearance of food and dishes. It seems that even in hospitals to serve meals seriously.

Pasta with mushrooms, potato salad, salad with broccoli and bacon, fruit, bread, green tea.

Publication of the wearer’s Imgur for a few days instantly spread on the Internet, and many people wanted to give birth in Japan. Even men. “I want to give birth in Japan. And I’m a 60-year-old man…”

Chicken fillet with coleslaw, salad of fried Chinese bitter gourd, agadashi tofu (deep fried tofu served with hot sauce tentsuyu), carrot salad, rice, miso soup.

Salmon, tofu, spinach salad, natto (Japanese soybean curd), miso soup, rice, milk.

Fried fish with Tartar sauce, stewed potatoes, a salad of hijiki (brown seaweed), fried spinach and carrots, rice, green tea.

Camembert with raisin, roast beef, mashed potatoes, kabocha (Japanese pumpkin), Lotus root with sauce, rice, salad, tiramisu, fruit, orange juice, green tea.

Chicken in mushroom sauce, braised pork with pumpkin, salad with daikon and carrots, rice, miso soup, Tavan-Mushi (custard of eggs, steamed).

Cod, salad of chopped cabbage, pasta salad, sweet potato, peas, rice, green tea.

Salmon with mushroom sauce, noodles, rice, eggplant with meat, broccoli, salad with hijiki.

Mackerel, salad of Japanese seaweed konbu, natto, spinach, miso soup, rice, milk, green tea.

Steamed vegetables, nikujaga (meat stewed with potatoes and vegetables, seasoned with sweet soy sauce), cucumber salad and mini corn, rice, miso soup, green tea.

Sea bream, pasta salad, chicken meatballs, pickled daikon, miso soup, Tavan-Mushi, green tea.

Omuraisu (fried rice wrapped in an omelette and decorated with ketchup), pasta salad, chicken soup, rings of squid, fruits, green tea.

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