10 tips on how to live to be 100 years old, the oldest people in the world

People who live at present, have more chances to live to 100 than their grandparents. Modern medicine, competent doctors, useful fitness apps, which previously could not even dream of, — all designed to prolong human life.

In our review of the advice of people today who have already crossed the 100-year milestone. Interestingly, some of these tips contradict each other. Therefore, each of our readers can choose what he or she likes.

1. Regularly drink whiskey

Samuel ball, who was more than a century, still fresh and cheerful. Recently, he revealed the secret of his long life: “Drink and women”. The secret of longevity, according to Samuel, is a good wife, two of Scotch for the night and to be easy going.

2. To have a sense of humor

Emiliano Mercado, who lived to be 115 years of age, thanks for such a long life your sense of humor. In addition, Mercado believes that to live to a ripe old age he was helped by the daily consumption fonce — porridge made from boiled corn, cod and milk cream.

3. For family celebrations and creativity

If you say that a diet of port wine, chocolate, cigarettes and olive oil can contribute to a long life, it will seem crazy. However, it is true in the case of Jeanne Louise calment who lived to 122 years and recently released a CD called “Lady time”, where she recites a rap about his life.

4. Start the morning with whiskey and honey

Fred Hale, who died at the age of 112 years, attributed his long life to bee pollen and honey he ate each morning, sometimes drinking their whiskey.

5. Eat raw fish and buy a good mattress

Regularly eating sushi and sleeping eight hours each day. It is this secret of longevity was Misao Okawa, who became the fifth man who lived to 117 years of age. She also said that everyone “needs to learn to relax because stress is a killer”.

6. Sometimes enjoy a cigar

Despite the warnings of doctors around the world, 115-year-old Christian Mortensen believes that moderate Smoking is injurious to health. Mortensen said that it is enough to live a “healthy life” and sometimes smoke a good cigar Danish.

7. Eat as much bacon as possible

Unbelievable but true: despite the fact that it sounds absurd, a 105 year old pearl Cantrell believes that up to this age, helped her live out the bacon. She loves bacon and eats it every day.

8. Never drink and do not smoke

Not everyone fits the same way of life. Tomoji Tanabe, who died at the age of 113 years, claimed that he was able to live to a ripe old age because never in my life did not drink alcohol and did not smoke.

9. Eat food in small portions

As claimed Jiroemon Kimura, a Japanese mailman, to live 115 years and 253 days, he helped that he always ate small meals, never needas to satiety. The longevity diet consisted of rice, pumpkins and sweet potatoes.

10. To smoke like a chimney

Seems almost impossible that such a diet can just to stay alive, but 101-year-old Dorothy Howe has smoked nearly half a million cigarettes in his life. “I am alive only because whiskey and cigarettes, said the Briton. My doctor said I wouldn’t be alive without them.”

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