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Market capitalization DeFi exceeded $4 billion

The cost of digital currencies in the market of decentralized financial services DeFi exceeded $4 billion.

Earlier this week, the capitalization of the ecosystem has reached $4,21 billion, according to the latest data DeFi Pulse.

Market capitalization financial applications is growing steadily from the beginning of 2020. In January, the value of digital currencies in the DeFi was approximately $500 million Then this figure exceeded $1 billion, the growth of capitalization of tokens is not stopped.

The largest share of the value of ecosystem accounts for a project Marker, Aave, Synthetix, Compound Curve, and Finance.

According to Andrew Kanga, founder Merchanism Capital, space DeFi will expand further. At least, the preservation of a positive trend indicates an increase in the inflow of capital into the ecosystem.

Market growth DeFi, of course, is one of the key drivers of the appreciation of the ether (ETH). The underlying asset of a network of Ethereum is more expensive in the last few days. On some exchanges this altcon exceeded $400, but then fell back to $382.

The researchers draw attention to the weakening of the dependence of air from bitcoin. The correlation between these digital currencies fell to a three-year low, found recently Analytics platform Skew.


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