The expert explained what mistakes they often do, charging your smartphone

Эксперт рассказал, какие ошибки чаще всего делают, заряжая смартфон

Charging to 100% and fully discharge the battery to 0% reduces the service life of the battery is confirmed by research. If you use the battery in your smartphone, tablet or laptop and drain it every time from 100% to 0%, a significant capacity loss will occur after 300-500 cycles, said the Agency “Prime” the expert platform NAFI “Digital citizen” Vladimir Gritsenko.

“Health” of the battery is the best realistic scenario — work in the range from 80% to 40%. In this mode the total battery capacity will remain unchanged for much longer.

“Manufacturers primarily suggest to avoid deep discharge and less likely to keep the device charged to 100%,” — said the expert.


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