7 ornamental plants for decoration of flower beds

7 декоративных растений для оформления клумбы

When making a flower garden to choose plants, based on such factors as time of flowering, color, rules for combination with other crops. It is also important to study the peculiarities of care for ornamental plants, because every flower needs a particular food, the number of irrigations.


It is compact and neat shrub, which is filled with lush and colourful flowers. Flowering lasts from beginning of June until the first frosts. And culture does not require additional cover and complex care.

7 декоративных растений для оформления клумбы


This herbaceous culture, which is very beautiful flowers. Looks like a large rosette with a diameter of 60 cm. Inflorescences panicles composed of small romashkovidnye flowers. Their color may be pale yellow or orange-red.
To care for botulinium easy as shade-tolerant and winter-hardy. In one place they can grow up to 15 years. The soil should be moist and nutritious. Water the flower 2 times a week, and during the heat through the day.

7 декоративных растений для оформления клумбы

Decorative bow

This plant has a smoky inflorescence can be of the following colors:

  • crimson;
  • white;
  • gold;
  • pink.

7 декоративных растений для оформления клумбы

The height of the culture can reach to 1.5 m. Decorative bow low maintenance and long flowering. To grow better in full sun, where loose soil with a neutral pH. For long-flowering plant should be watered abundantly and make timely food.


This plant has small flowers that are beginning to break out of the ground right after the snow melted. Crocuses carpet the land with a dense carpet, as they have large flowers and oversized leaves. The plant requires little maintenance, grows well as in the shade or in bright daytime sun.

7 декоративных растений для оформления клумбы

Rudbeckia dissected

The plant grows up to 2-3 meters featuring a large fuzzy bright yellow balls double blossoms that profusely cover the whole shrub. Blossom culture begins in late July, and this period lasts until the first frosts.
Rudbeckia split does not require careful care, enough occasionally to water and trim the faded flowers. To grow, plants need a Sunny area where a light loose soil without stagnant water.

7 декоративных растений для оформления клумбы


This plant can be recognized by the many colorful flowers that resemble bells. Stem height reaches 1.5 m.
All parts of this culture is toxic, therefore it can lead to headaches, sharp pains in the abdomen, syncope and failure of the heart.

7 декоративных растений для оформления клумбы
Care for Foxglove is easy. The plant is shade-tolerant and long blooming. It is important to regularly water the flower and periodically make food.


This flowering perennial, which reaches a height of 1-2. 5 m. the Color of its buds can be the most different shades — from white to pale pink. The flowers themselves are large, consist of five petals. A year later after planting stoklosa 2-3 flowering stems.
Flowering lasts from July to September. Care the plant is not finicky, you need to regularly water it to make fertiliser and to build a small shelter for the winter.

7 декоративных растений для оформления клумбы


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