A Reddit user scientific proof feminists annoying male habit

In 2018, we learned what “mansplaining”. For men who have the habit of sitting with legs apart, began the persecution. I watered them with water, insulted, mocked in social networks and media around the world, including in our country. The male users with Reddit it seemed offensive and they decided to scientifically justify their right to sit as it is convenient.

According to advocates for the rights of women sitting with legs apart men, not only show disregard for the people around them, but also suggesting that its “alpha samawati” and the desire to dominate. Especially zealous representatives of feminist movements perceive such a position almost as a personal insult and immediately rush to punish the offender.

As it turned out, Reddit users absolutely do not share these beliefs and to defend the rights of men to sit as they want, tried to justify the habit. Armed with scientific knowledge, the regulars of the site argued heatedly and looked at the facts and figures, has not yet reached a consensus.

The struggle for the rights of men with links to a small article, which stated that men are contraindicated to work with your laptop, placing it on his lap. The author is sure that such way to keep the computer may lead to male infertility.

Discussing ways to operate the laptop and the position of the feet, the participants gradually shifted to the discussion of “mispricing” and their discussions were not in vain. A user with the nickname Jex117 was the most convincing of all. He believes that men sit with legs apart, not out of malice, but because of the anatomical features.

“Women have wider hips, giving them the ability to maximize range of flexibility along the angle q. Ladies can sit with my leg on his leg, while for men this situation is unnatural from the point of view of biomechanics and therefore uncomfortable”.

I went to the course and existing developments — Jex117 argues that placing the feet together, the man risks to get the same problem as holding a laptop on your lap. Conclusion a Reddit user was disappointing and smacked of the global feminist conspiracy:

“The whole campaign around the “mispricing” is pure hypocrisy. On the one hand, these people demand equality and justice, and on the other want to control men, so that God forbid, do not put in the subway or bus legs. The sit is not going to inspire a whole generation of boys, exposing them to the men’s health risk. If wrestlers with the “menstrating” will succeed and their requirements become a social norm, the semen parameters that are now so rarely on top, will finally sink”.

Jex117 also forgot to add that he is not a boor and a crowded bus will not create inconvenience to the people, placing the feet. At the same time, if it will not interfere with anyone, nobody will force him to abandon the comfortable and natural for male physiology poses.

“I believe that far more rudeness is a habit of many women to place their bags on the vacant seats, depriving it of the other passengers to go and sitting comfortably. Have you ever seen a man who puts his feet so widely that does not take advantage of the neighboring seat?”.

After the discussion, the panelists differed as ever and began to think of various cases of discrimination against men by gender. In particular was raised pretty annoying all the topic of office dress code. As the dispute has always been about why the ladies in the summer it is possible to come to work in open sandals and dresses, and men in Slippers and shorts not allowed.

Another obvious oppression of their rights, the men of the offices I see in the requirements to turn off the air conditioning, which they have to suffer the heat in their sharp suits.

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