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Though she’s one of Chennai’s most-loved social media influencers, the most decorative of all the titles Tania Samtani holds is that of ‘Mommy to Drona’. While Tania is a star-magnet, Drona in his own right is quite the mover and shaker on Instagram. From acing airport looks and attending kiddy birthday bashes, this mom-son duo has gone ahead to set up one of the coolest kiddy businesses.

Speaking about Drosto, her online venture, Tania says, “Drona has inspired me to start this fun venture. We do pop-ups, carnivals, and just go about organising interactive spots where kids and parents can socialise. Our aim is to supply fun accessories, toys, daily-use products and even cute souvenirs and birthday gifts.”

While there are quite a few ventures that sell baby products and toys, Tania says “Be it water bottles or clothes or snacks for kids, the market is flooded with the typical. We wanted to do something that was more customised, high-end and totally safe. Drona from the very beginning liked interesting gifts and would be excited by colourful napkins, printed pillow cases and shoes with some spunk. That was my push for creating a brand that has all the exclusive stuff under one roof.”

Tania, who also runs a family-owned business that’s into technology and camera equipment, with the biggest national and international production houses as clients, explains that “Drosto was never about the commercial aspect but is more a socially aware and conscious business that puts kids first.”

“We are organising a showcase event at Coimbatore on 15 February at Vivanta, our attempt to take the joy to another city”, she signs off.


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