Take care of relatives and warm! As usual things look like through a thermal imager

The user peek-a-Boo under the name “z312” shared photos of the usual things he did with the help of thermal imager. You can look at the cat, window, system unit and a baked potatoes.

The imager is typically used in order to observe how is the temperature on the surface and to identify the main sources of heat loss. The result appears on the screen where different temperatures correspond to different colors.
And in addition to the practical benefits this device can bring a lot of fun, because through it you can look at any object and make unexpected discoveries.

It’s a cat


The yogurt in the fridge


Potatoes, which had just been fried

Open window

The knife on the table


Sour cream in a jar

The system unit work

Light bulb

People with hot tea

Included power supply of the router

Included monitor

Phone charging, which recently shifted

The man sat on the couch and left


The cat

Looks like the cat in the original

Commenters also shared their tipografiya:


Cats are in trend

Here’s a cat

And even such

A bit scary

Cold noses

And someone even spotted in the first cat — cat meme.

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