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The CTO Bitfinex: Live trading volumes surpassed bitcoin

Over the past few sessions, the volume of spot trades in the air were above the amount of bitcoin transactions. About this Twitter wrote the technical Director of the platform Bitfinex Paolo Ardoino.

He noted that the daily trading volume is approximately ETH $60,9 million, while the amount of transactions in BTC is kept in the neighborhood of $46.9 million, the Largest altcon shows a very good performance since the beginning of last week.

In the night of Wednesday, August 5, the air is trading at $390. 2 Aug ETH has updated the annual maximum, reaching on certain exchanges $410. Then there was a small correction.

However, as noted by analyst Eric Elliot, the potential to save a rising motion dynamics has not been exhausted. In the last 24 hours the ether capitalization reached $43,58 billion At the moment, the network Ethereum bitcoin exceeds the sum of the transaction fees and the number of daily operations.

The market growth of decentralized financial services DeFi is one of the key drivers of rising prices on the air. Many analysts predict that investments in ETH will increase as further growth of capitalization of tokens running in the framework of the DeFi.

The second driver of long-term strengthening Aldona will be the release of the updated version of the network. Recently it became known that in early August, will be deployed a test version of the update ETH2.0.


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