Banishing the darkness. Landscapes that the night is not colorless

American photographers, Roeland West and Paul Aaron has learned to manipulate light and shadow in the dark. Their joint project Highlight is a new word in astrophotonics. The guys have built a drone equipped with led bulbs, and now come to hunt at night.

Photographers travel all over the world, roaming from the white beaches of California to the lakes of Iceland, all of which bring new and exciting images of the night.

The milky Way over the Mojave desert in the United States.

“Every place that we’re filming, special in their own way, he said. Everywhere we go, everywhere we find the unique colors and landscapes”.

“Before you start shooting, we conceptualize frames, we decide that we want to get in the end. In order for the object we saw looked really cool, the moon must be at a right angle”.

Guys taking pictures, of course, not only by a drone, but when using this technology, work quickly. The battery of the aircraft is only enough for 12 minutes. That is why everything should be pre-calculated.

Bridge in the Northern part of the Sierra Nevada.

“What a journey I liked the most? Iceland, of course, recalls West. Once we spent the whole day filming this unique region and have already exhausted when he sat on a large boulder on the ocean coast. Paul suddenly gasped and put a hand on my shoulder. I turned in his direction and saw something completely amazing. Elegant green stripes, spreading across the dark sky. Northern lights! We grabbed the equipment and began taking pictures like crazy, if not spent almost a day on their feet.”

The thermal lake of Iceland at night.

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