35 unique places in the world that will surprise crystal clear water

Beach holidays are such a welcome and inviting! But so often it is disappointing — to get finally to the beach, and there’s all the crowds and muddy water…

But there are still on the map beautiful beaches, where water clarity is breathtaking. Whether you want to dive or just spend hours gazing at the pond with the Paradise coast — this crystal clear water will enchant you!

1. Primosten, Croatia

2. Saint George, Bermuda

3. Blue lake, New Zealand

4. Bodrum, Turkey

5. Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

6. Calanques de Sormiou (Calanque de Sormiou), France

7. Beach Buck Buck, Borneo

8. The Island Of Cayo Coco, Cuba

9. The Cayos Of The Island Of Pigs, Honduras

10. The Aitutaki Atoll, cook Islands

11. The Island Of Corfu, Greece

12. Crater crater lake, Oregon, USA

13. The Island Of San Blas, Panama

14. The Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii

15. Jenny lake (Jenny Lake), Wyoming

16. Jiuzhaigou valley, Sichuan province, China

17. Tioman Island, Malaysia

18. Island Of Phi Phi Don, Thailand

19. Lake Königssee, Germany

20. Lake Marjorie, California, United States

21. Lake Tahoe, Nevada

22. The Island Of Palawan, Philippines

23. Madagascar

24. Maldives

25. Bay En-Vau, France

26. Unknown location

27. Panari,, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

28. Playa Blanca, Colombia

29. Puerto Ayora, Galapagos

30. Lake Pupu Springs, New Zealand

31. Rio Azul, Argentina

32. Rio Sucuri, Brazil

33. Sabah, Malaysia

34. Natural the to Sua pool, Upolu island, Samoa

35. The Verzasca River, Switzerland

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