Animals that hate Christmas and New year

Christmas and New year, perhaps one of the most exciting and enjoyable periods of the year. Beautiful and colorful decoration, lanterns, gifts and exciting pastime with your close people. What could be better? But not all are so glad the festive season. Pets are not delighted with new year’s eve party. And they Express it in different ways.

Church the cat threw the baby Jesus out of the manger and went there myself.

Fun-fun to celebrate the New year…

Model tree for those who have in house cats.

When the dog has learned that his Christmas gift is a sweater. Better meat put…

The cat opened all the presents on Christmas morning.

Merry Christmas.

The hostess just wanted to make a cute Christmas photo with her dog.

Realistic Christmas card.

Love, health and happiness in the new year!

The hostess, your best gift is me!

This photograph and breathes a family atmosphere of friendship and love.

The cat gave a couch for the New year. He didn’t understand.

Some people don’t like it.

Tree? What is the tree? First, scratch my belly!

Preparing to take revenge at the expense of 1, 2, 3…

This dog knows how to pose under the Christmas tree like nobody’s business.

Master, when will this horror end?

With R-R-R-merry Christmas!

Photo from the series “my owner is an idiot”.

Drank champagne and fell under the tree.

The cat takes an active part in decorating the Christmas tree.

The kid wanted a pony for Christmas.

Gary the cat is very unhappy.

“I ate Christmas.”

The cat is like screaming: “please help me!”

A sad deer.

Best family Christmas photo!

Commanded to smile.

Aggressive gift.

The dog in horror.

Try Christmas on the tooth.

These fireworks will drive me crazy!

The dog in the role tree.

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