Kalashnikov reacted to Lukashenka’s words about “fire to Vladivostok”

In the state Duma commented on the resonance of the statement of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on the possible “fire to Vladivostok.”

The head of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Leonid Kalashnikov saw nothing criminal in the statement of Alyaksandr Lukashenka, the Belarusian leader warned of a “fire to Vladivostok” in the case of attempts to destabilize the situation in Belarus.

Evaluating the words of the Belarusian President, the MP said that there was nothing uttered was not, according to the Russian Dialogue.

The Deputy called the allegations Lukashenko that Minsk detained a group of Russian citizens were sent to the Republic with the purpose of loosening the socio-political situation.

“The Russian Federation is not interested in destabilizing the situation in Belarus”, – said the interlocutor and voiced the assumption that mercenaries in the country would send representatives of the West.

The President of Belarus assured that Minsk will always treat Russia as an ally.


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