Natasha Encinosa model covering each hip by 66 inches

Model Natasha Encinosa (Natascha Encinosa) gained popularity in social networks thanks to a memorable figure. The circumference of one thigh girls is equal to 66 inches, which is greater than the volume of her waist. The model looks impressive and attracts a huge number of followers on her account in Instagram.

Looks Encinosa so unusual for many of its fans that it compares with Chun-Li, one of the main heroines of the game series Street Fighter. And some men write to her and ask — expressing, apparently, his admiration — “to crush their head between your legs”. That don’t like the girl.

This form Encinosa has achieved four years of continuous training at least two hours in the gym five days a week.

The girl used to dance, and hall became interested in at age 14. “In adolescence I was overweight. One boyfriend left me because I was fat.” And then the next model went into the hall.

Encinosa became known only recently, after fans noticed that she looks like a character from the video game of the 90s. Her photos immediately went to the Internet.

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When you put the work in, man, it shows

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