China bubonic plague: Beijing seals off village as panicked experts confirm black death

The plague, which sparked the black death, was reported in Baotou City in Inner Mongolia on Sunday. It was confirmed on Thursday the person had died from the bubonic plague. To stop the spread of the virus, health officials ordered the immediate closure of Suji Xincun village where the person lived. 

According to a statement from the Municpal Health Commission, the person died from circulatory system failure. 

Those in contact wit the victim have now been placed into quarantine in order to stop the spread of the virus. 

Due to the outbreak in the village, the Damao Banner district – where it is situated – has now been placed onto a level 3 alert plague prevention for the remainder of the year. 

It is now the second area in China to have been issued the alert after a case was reported in the city of Bayannur.

Both areas are in the Inner Mongolia region of China in the far north of the country. 

Although the patient in the city of Bayannur was isolated and taken to hospital, the city was quickly sealed off. 

Due to the uptick in cases in the region, the World Health Organisation has since classified the Bubonic Plague as a re-emerging disease. 

In Mongolia, which borders China in the north, a 15-year-old boy died from the plague last month. 

The boy died in the western Mongolian region of Govi-Altai. 

Two other cases were also reported in the country whereby two brothers had both eaten marmot meat. 

Mongolian health official, Dorj Narangerel warned against eating any rodent meat due to the outbreak. 

Mr Narangerel said: “The marmot plague is very toxic.

“We urge you to pay special attention to the fact that the pulmonary form of the disease is just as rapid as the coronavirus infection – but it is a disease that can kill people very quickly.”

Bubonic plague is transmitted through flea bites. 

People can also become infected from contact with tissues or fluids after handling animals containing the disease. 

The plague was so severe in the Middle Ages that it killed an estimated 50 million people. 

With the threat level now increasing in Baotou, authorities warned of “a human plague epidemic spreading in the city”. 

The threat level is especially high in northern China and Mongolia due to the high number of rodents in the mountainous terrain. 

In China, 31 cases of the plague were reported between 2009 and 2019 with a further 12 deaths. 

The plague was also reported in Colarado after a squirrel was found to be infected. 


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