Change your wardrobe, update interior! Pantone have called the main color of 2019

Pantone, a recognized authority in the development of the color standards, called the main color of the upcoming 2019. They became “live coral”.

In a press release, the company wrote that “live coral” — color “warmth, comfort, richness and joie de vivre”. We offer you to look at the hit in 2019 and decide which items of clothing or home decor, you will upgrade first.

Source: Pantone

Specialists of the Institute are sure that the chosen color is perfectly suitable for both women and men. In clothes and cosmetics “live coral” goes well with any skin type. Home shade 16-1546 will help to create warmth and comfort.

In social networks it is already possible to find many examples of the use of “live coral”. The color really looks quite impressive, both in the interior and on the people. See for yourself!

Pantone makes color choices based on the huge amount of information, ranging from user preferences, social networks, ending with the trends in graphic design. Previously the specialists of the company carried out a deep analysis of the sentiments and wishes of the consumers and then pass their verdict on the fashion color of the year.

Recall that the “live coral” has changed fashion in the last year, ultraviolet.

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