“Going down”: the Makron has dictated the terms for Lebanon

«Пойдете ко дну»: Макрон продиктовал условия для ЛиванаThe President of France Emmanuel macron visited Lebanon after an explosion in Beirut. The people met policy is extremely heat — he prayed for help and salvation from corruption and neglect of their own government. From the popularity, the French leader already weaned and a trip to the former colony of the Fifth Republic held with a large scale. The Lebanese authorities he has given time until September 1 to restart the political system. Macron promised to return this afternoon to check on the conditions.

The President of France Emmanuel macron became the first world leader to visit Beirut after a powerful explosion in the Lebanese capital. Despite the reasons why the politician made his visit, the trip was successful for him in Beirut Emmanuel macron felt already forgotten the feeling of popularity and people’s love.

The French leader knows a lot about beautiful political gestures, so his visit to the former French colony did not cause any surprise. However, the trip probably exceeded all expectations of Macron: Lebanon, he left, giving his leadership up to the end of the month to begin the restart of the political system to eradicate corruption and mismanagement.

“Without this blast crisis is heavy, both in political terms and in moral, economic, and financial,” said macron reporters, leaving the airport. He also added that without serious reforms in Lebanon “go down”.

The French President said that in coming days he will organize an international conference to raise funds for emergency aid to Beirut. The main condition of support will be the provision of Finance directly to non-governmental organizations and people in need. Implies that providing assistance bypassing the government budget, will avoid corruption.

“It is time for responsibility in Lebanon, î said macron, during the press conference. — We collected money in the past, but we can do this only if the Lebanese authorities to fulfill their duties, allowing us to help Lebanon.”

However, what consequences await the country’s government if it does not fulfill fuzzy conditions of Paris — is not clear.

Statement of Macron sounded in the official residence of the French Ambassador in Lebanon is also partly a nice gesture. The building received minor damage from the explosion because the shock wave had broken Windows.

On 4 August at the port of Beirut there were explosions of such power, which the city did not see never in its history rich in military conflicts. The Lebanese authorities stated that the cause of the explosions 2750 tons of steel stored in the warehouse of ammonium nitrate seized by customs services six years ago.

The head of the port, and the chief of the customs Department reported that they several times referred to the judicial authorities with a request to export or sell ammonium nitrate to ensure the safety of the port.

The General Director of the port Hassan Qoraitem told OTV that the leadership knew that the material is dangerous when the court first decided to store it in the warehouse, “but not to this degree.”

The Lebanese believe that the explosion led to the corruption and neglect of the government.

The Lebanese government has ordered to place under house arrest the entire administration of the port of Beirut until then, until the responsibility for the incident to specific individuals, according to LBC International.

The explosion of more than 130 people were killed, about 5 thousand injured. 300 thousand residents were left homeless.

During the visit, the first thing the macron met with Lebanese President Michel Naim Aoun. After that he went to the place of tragedy, where he met the French rescuers who arrived to help local services. One of them the President asked if they need additional help.

“More divers? We need to send more divers,” he said to his assistant, after receiving a response from rescuers.

Macron then went to the next victim from the explosion area. The presence of so many guard has sparked the interest of passers-by on the streets, a crowd of people.

The Lebanese, having determined that they met its President, began to show the discontent, the questions and claims. Probably Aoun himself did not accompany the French guest, anticipating a similar reaction.

The misunderstanding was resolved quickly enough and the mood of the citizens also quickly changed. The macron shouted that he is the only hope for Lebanon, prayed to him for salvation and welcomed France. “Help us, you’re our only hope!”, shouted one of the residents.

“Please, don’t give money to our corrupt government. We can’t stand this anymore,” screamed the Makron.

France has already sent to Lebanon three aircraft with rescuers and medical supplies. In addition, the macron has announced the arrival of the French military ships of class “Mistral”.

The politician quickly got a taste, he walked over the broken glass, past the broken Windows and destruction, gathering around him a crowd and communicating with the residents of the city.

A similar reaction macron have not seen for a long time — at home waiting for him a very different level of demands from citizens, accusations and nicknames that the French gave him, accusing him of protecting the interests of the rich.

“I’m here today and want to offer them [the Lebanese government] a new political Covenant. If they do this, I’ll take responsibility,” he told the crowd around the townspeople.

Beirut had earlier requested the international community assistance in the amount of up to $10 billion funds for the rehabilitation of the Lebanon. Even before the bombings in Beirut requested IMF support to minimize the effects of the economic crisis. However, the IMF refused the help, demanding that Lebanon’s economic reforms.

The day of the visit of the Macron in Beirut, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Lebanon Hassan Diab said that the European Union will allocate 33 million euros for emergency aid.

The French leader, however, did not repeat on their own terms.

“It is necessary to check the financial sector and the Central Bank. We want to attract international funds, but no one will participate, if we don’t know how much is not enough [from the state Treasury], — macron said at a press conference. — Of course, a lot was stolen.”

He also supported the idea of the investigation of the explosion in Beirut on creating a special international Commission. Macron stressed that called on Lebanese authorities “to immediately use what is already available to them by the French experts, which gives them Paris”, as well as international experts in the framework of their competence.

September 1, the French leader promised to return to Beirut in order to assess progress in the achievement of the set conditions. Probably, the Lebanese leadership were dissatisfied with the similar behavior of the guest, which, moreover, residents are greeted by pleas for help, applause and complaints to the authorities.

However, if the rules and caused any irritation, in the government of Lebanon mind it is not filed.

Meanwhile, the visit of the French leader can really recall inspection, especially given the common colonial past of the two countries. However, the Makron, preventing such conversations, citing his “duty to history and to the interests of the friendly people”.

“To those who accuses us of meddling, I say no is friendship and insistence. If your role is not played by France — a power committed to multilateralism in international politics, which believes in the interest of the Lebanese people, — would be followed by the intervention of other States. It would be Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia or any other country in the region with their economic interests. Or other countries, about which I have already mentioned that pursue geopolitical goals at the expense of the Lebanese people,” — said the French leader.


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