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Study: Bitcoin dominates the portfolio of institucionales

Analysts Chainalysis found that the greatest activity on the cryptocurrency market showing institutional investors from North America.

And bitcoin is the undisputed leader in the portfolio of the major players. The ether (ETH) and XRP significantly inferior to the largest cryptocurrency-scale investment on the part of institucionales.

According to researchers, up to 72% of all transactions on the stock market in North America are made with bitcoin. In Africa and Western Europe, the bitcoin transactions account for 69% and 66% of the total volume of transactions with digital assets.

Analysts concluded that the North American institutionally are one of the largest hontarov.

They also found that the financial structure of the region invest much more money in bitcoin than their counterparts from East Asian countries. Although the turnover on Asian exchanges last year rose more than doubled.

Recently, billionaire Mike Novogratz said that if institutional investors begin EN masse to enter the bitcoin, then the price of the cryptocurrency will reach unprecedented highs. However, at this stage this is unlikely, since many financiers afraid of the lack of cryptocephalinae in their countries.


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