A gift for love

Valentine’s Day, which celebrates the bond between two, comes with an excitement of gifts. And the markets oblige, making various options available and offering discounts.

Different generations, the Boomers (1965–1979), Millennials (1980–1994) and Gen Z (1995–2015), have different gifting ideas.

Boomer and homemaker Nagaveni, who loves online shopping for gifts or making personalised love gifts, believes that love is in the air no matter what.

“Celebrating the day with the world is also something special. In my 18 years of married life, every year, my husband and I celebrate the day at home by baking a cake and making a good dinner with our kids, who are our symbol of love,” adds Nagaveni, who nevertheless remembers the gold and platinum rings the couple gifted each other as her most prized possessions.

Kavya Srinivas, a Gen Z who is also a strategist in a construction company, defines love as eternal.

“Celebrating the day with my partner to make this day special is an amazing feeling. I love both customized and ready-made presents. Hand-imprints and accessories stand out for me. Nevertheless, in this materialistic world, I believe spending quality time together is the best feeling ever. A whole day-out with a partner with no mess in the mind is the perfect gift for each other,” says Kavya.

Pradheep Jetti, a team leader in an MNC and a millennial, believes that every day is a celebration of love. “Valentine’s Day is just as any other day in my life, although it does make me little more special towards my partner. I promised my partner is to re-live the previous year and that made her smile, something incomparable to anything in the world,” says Pradeep, who gifted her a panda teddy bear because she calls him Panda.”

Vaishnavi G, a BCom graduate who is belongs to Gen Z, believes that customizing gifts adds a special layer of love. She says, “To make my partner feel special, I use all my creative juices to find the right gift. Maybe twinning t-shirts, photo frames with great pictures, accessorized belt and handcuffs,etc.

Valentine’s Day makes me feel more special and the ideas I come up with are mostly trending ideas or his favourite choices.

“I’d like to use my pocket money and extra savings to get him something special. We hope to make this V-Day a wonderful experience, which we would like follow into the next year too, as we celebrate more and more love,” she concludes.


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