Myself photographer: 18 the simplest life hacks which will make you God pictures

Equipment for professional photography can cost thousands of dollars, but do not have to sell the shirt. If you have time and patience and are not afraid to work with your hands, there are simple and ingenious life hacks for photographers who will help to achieve almost the same beautiful effects that equipment, but for a much lower price.

The foil can be used to give the effect of glare.

For underwater photography you can use the aquarium.

Ordinary strainer and unusual shade.

With a piece of cloth and cardboard it is possible to make an inexpensive seamless background system image.

Perfect photo for instagram.

Play with visual perception.

Don’t be afraid to add a little light and bulbs.

Try to cut out the heart in the cardboard — it will flare in the form of hearts.

Life hack for macro photography.

Use sunglasses as a filter.

Use a plastic bag, smeared with vaseline to make a soft-focus effect.

Using ordinary cardboard, you can create any shadows.

Create with wire, tape and lights a ring of fire.

Add a couple.

An ordinary package will help to make the photo effect.

With the help of lace, you can shoot selfies.

A color filter using a plastic bag.

Tape and a marker colorful filter.

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