Mystery of the “Club 27”: Russian and foreign celebrities who died at age 27

December 17, was born a talented poet Nika Turbina. But enjoy the glory of the girl was not in time: in 2002 she died under mysterious circumstances at the age of 27 years. With so mysterious that even in the “cause of death” the police have put a dash…

Nick Turbo, 1974-2002

Girl-Prodigy Soviet times in 8 years were published in the Federal publications, and in 9 years has published a collection of his poems.

Life Nicki was difficult. Not because I didn’t get something, on the contrary — it worked. But at 16, she has experienced first nervous breakdown. Left for treatment in Switzerland, where he began living in a de facto marriage with his 76-year-old doctor.

She then began studying at VGIK on the course of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, after its without entrance examinations was adopted in the Moscow Institute of culture, where he became friends with Alyona Galich. But something always happened, and nick threw started. And occasionally binge drink. In 1998, she first tried to commit suicide. Out. Survived.

May 11, 2002, when, like, everything was almost perfect, the Turbine having a drink with friends — Alexander Mironov, her boyfriend, and ina. Not enough vodka, friends went to the store. Nick sat on the window sill and lost his balance, fell down. She managed to cling to the windowsill, but could not resist.

Friend Nicky and her favorite teacher, Alain Arkhangelsk-Galich, asked not to specify in the column of cause of death “suicide”, so I was sure that the Turbine broke accidentally. The woman did everything that nick held a special service in the Church, and after cremation was buried at the cemetery Vagankovsky.

Jean-Michel Basquiat, 1960-1988

American graffiti artist became popular in 70-e years, being very, very young. Starting with graffiti, he soon climbed to the top of contemporary art: now in its 21st year, the Basque staged the first solo exhibition with no ties: he was homeless.

Jean-Michel began to earn 25 thousand dollars a month for his paintings — such a success could not fail to turn the head.

Then neoexpressionist was part of the entourage of Andy Warhol, who the guy with the heroin.

In 1987 Warhol died, Basquiat retreated into himself. In 1988 he was found dead in his own Studio. In the coroner’s report was written, 27, heroin overdose.

Robert Leroy Johnson, 1911-1938

“Make a deal with the devil” musician during his short, but very bright and influential in relation to the subsequent history of music career managed to write 29 songs.

At the beginning of the activities he played Blues together with his friends, San House, and Willie brown, but he couldn’t “make nice”. Then he disappeared for a year, and on his return became like a different person — then appeared the tale of “selling the soul to the devil.”

August 16, 1938 Robert Leroy Johnson died. The official version says that the musician died at the hands of a jealous husband for his beloved. Some sources claim that Johnson was poisoned.

Jonathan Brandeis, 1976-2003

American actor, Director and screenwriter began his career in the kindergarten age is four years.

At first, Jonathan worked in advertising. Then he was entrusted the role of young Kevin Riley Buchanan TV series “one Life”.

In nine years the boy’s parents, teacher and firefighter, moved to Los Angeles to develop the talent of your child. And they almost got it: Brandeis soon she had her first starring role in the movie “the neverending story-2”.

One of the most impressive of his acting work still considered to be shooting in a sci-Fi TV series “hidden Odyssey” (1993-1996). Then he began to meet famous and also the deceased actress Brittany Murphy.

But then career of a young man beginning to fade. It was too hard to understand that all hopes for a bright future crumble, and he tried to commit suicide by hanging. We can say, the attempt failed: he was found almost immediately after the rope squeezed his throat, but he died the next day in the hospital.

MIA Zapata, 1965-1993

This girl was accompanied by music since childhood: she started playing piano and guitar at age nine and has never stopped.

In 1986, MIA founded the punk band The Gits, becoming her singer. I cannot find admirers of this team, but in those years they had high hopes: the first album was very warmly accepted by critics.

But before the long-awaited recognition Zapata did not survive. In 1993, on 7 July, a terrible thing happened: a girl was raped and brutally murdered.

For a long time the murderer was unknown, until in 2004 a Fluke has not led to the killer. Seattle police Department stumbled on DNA local fisherman Gites Meskie (Jesus Mezquia, a native of Cuba). He lived in Seattle then, when she was murdered Zapata.

Genetic material Meskie given the coincidence with the samples extracted from saliva, which was found on the body of Zapata. The sample was kept in cold storage until such time until the technology was developed STR and allowed to fully extract information from DNA.

The killer’s DNA was entered into CODIS after he was arrested for burglary in Florida in 2002. March 25, 2004, the court found him guilty of the murder of MIA. He received 36 years in prison — naistrozhayshee from the Washington state prison sentences.

Richie Edwards, 1967-1995

British musician, songwriter of the alternative rock band Manic Street Preachers have written an unusual, clever lyrics, including those with political overtones than gained cult popularity in his time.

Together with a group of Edwards managed to publish nine albums, when suddenly, in 1995, he disappeared.

The musicians had to go on February 1 in the US tour, but Edwards appeared in the plane at the appointed hour. After a while the police began to look for the young man.

Turns out he’s in the next two weeks after the disappearance visited the passport office, then on the bus. Found a taxi driver that drove Richie’s first in his old house where he was born, and then to the service station. There, the musician got into his car and apparently drove on it to the Severn bridge — a favorite at the time, the suicide spot. Then the traces disappeared.

After 13 years Richey Edwards has been officially declared dead, although his body was never found.

Igor Comiccon, 1965-1993

Before you join the group “Alisa”, the guitarist recorded songs together with the project “99 %” and “thoroughfare” Yuri Naumov. With the last he was in the team of Konstantin Kintchev. He also tried to create together with guitarist DDT Andrey Vasiliev a group of “Aibolit 66”, but the group is not unwound.

Igor joined the “Alice”. “There we heard is sound inimitable. Of course, the brilliant guitarist Igor”, — said about him Kinchev.

But for all his genius Comiccon was prone to depression, which has deteriorated from drug use.

Guitarist of the rock group “Alisa” has committed suicide by jumping from the window of an apartment on Novoyasenevsky Prospekt in Moscow. The examination confirmed that he was in a condition of narcotic intoxication.

Brian Jones, 1942 — 1969

The founder of the band The Rolling Stones, as he wrote years later in the press, he felt like a stranger in his own team.

Said, he did tours, went on a separate transport.

Because of the experiences the musician took a lot of alcohol, experimenting with drugs and soon greatly undermined their physical and mental health.

In may 1969, Jones decided to leave the band, and a month later, on 3 July, the body of Jones was found in his own pool.

Anton Yelchin, 1989-2016

American actor of Russian origin submitted high hopes. He predicted the future of the new johnny Depp or brad pitt — he was just as handsome and talented.

Elicina career began when he was nine years old. Then he played a nameless episode of the TV series “NYPD”. In just the few years that managed to survive Yelchin, he has worked in 67 projects.

On the morning of 19 June 2016 the body of the actor found friends near his cottage in Studio city, Los Angeles. The young man got pinned between the Jeep Grand Cherokee and brick column fence.

The police suggested that Yelchin got out of the car, not putting it on the hand brake and leave the transmission in neutral speed, it rolled and crushed the artist.

Nikita Mikhailovsky, 1964-1991

Known under the pseudonym Sergeev actor lost the mother he was 16 years old. During the life of the woman care about the future of his handsome son and enrolled him in a modeling Agency, where he began to work before school.

Stepfather Victor Sergeev, the mother’s husband, helped the guy get a role in a movie. In five years, Nikita starred in the episode “the Night of 14 th parallel”, where he was noticed by other Soviet Directors.

In 1981, screens out the picture “You can not dream…”, and a 10-grader Nikita became instantly popular throughout the Soviet Union. After he had arrived in LGITMIK on the course, Ruben Agamirzian, in 1986, graduated from school … and went underground.

Together with Director Boris Yukhananov and the group “Obermaneken” he founded the non-format Studio “theatre-Theatre”, periodically appeared in films — but the same glory as in school, he has more to learn failed. Maybe he just did not: in 1990, he found the leukemia.

Nikita went for treatment in the UK. Money for bone marrow transplant were harvested worldwide, and helped the actor including Boris Yeltsin, Garry Kasparov and even Margaret Thatcher. But well the last operation did not produce positive results. 24 APR 1991 Michael died in London.

Leonid Nerushenko, 1977-2005

Party most popular in the early 2000s, groups “Dynamite” has been on your mind since childhood. Worked as a model, was shot for the cover of magazines. But he was always drawn to music.

One day, he met with Yuri Azaspiro, who had just put together a new boy band! Well, nerushenko sang sang was photos and videogenie, well moving on stage, so I liked the producer.

In 2003, Nerushenko began to move towards a solo career, finding that exhausted itself in the “Dynamite”. But, besides music, he had two Hobbies: drinking and motorcycle.

Two weeks before the presentation of the album lenny Nerushenko “hi, how are you?” the young man fell to his death on a motorcycle. Some sources claim that the musician was drunk that day. As a result, the presentation took place on the 40th day after the death of Nerushenko.

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