In the Chinese city opened a 5-star public toilet

Mostly people avoid to use the public toilets, it’s easy to see why. Most of these places are dirty, uncomfortable and unattractive. But it does not apply to recently open in the Chinese city of Chongqing public toilet. This institution is assigned 5 stars.

The toilet area of 150 square meters has an elegant design and high-quality interior materials — there are marble floors and lacquered wood doors. Also have a climate system that provides around the clock and year-round temperature of 26 degrees Celsius.

What is most impressive is the glass wall that allows visitors to admire the urinals green Park, while they are busy with their own Affairs. Glass is transparent only from the inside, and outside looks like a mirror.

In addition, this solution allows to increase the amount of daylight inside the toilet, allowing the city authorities to save on electricity.




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