There was no freedom: US not adopted, elections in Belarus

Не было свободы: США не приняли выборы в БелоруссииThe US believes the last presidential elections in Belarus unfair and unfree, and condemns the reaction of the authorities and stringent law enforcement against protesters during the riots, said the head of the state Department Mike Pompeo. He urged the Republic’s authorities to respect the rights of all Belarusian citizens to peaceful Assembly and to refrain from using force.

Washington treats the last presidential elections in Belarus as unfair, it was not the free will of the people, quoted by the TASS communiqué of the head of the US state Department Mike Pompeo.

He criticized how the elections themselves, and the reactions of the authorities and stringent law enforcement against protesters during the unrest on the streets of the cities of Belarus.

“The U.S. is deeply concerned about the presidential elections in Belarus, which were not free and fair. The severe restrictions on the admission of candidates, the prohibition of the admission of local independent observers to the areas, intimidation of opposition candidates, detention of peaceful protesters and journalists marred the process,” the diplomat said.

The head of the American foreign policy Department has reminded that on elections of observers from the OSCE Office for democratic institutions and human rights OSCE.

“We urge the authorities of Belarus to respect the rights of all Belarusian citizens to peaceful Assembly, to refrain from using force and to free all wrongful detainees. We strongly condemn the ongoing violence against protesters and detention of opposition supporters, as well as the blocking of the Internet for preventing the spread of Belarusian citizens to information about the elections and the demonstrations,” he said.

According to Secretary of state, the United States are on the side of the sovereignty and independence of Belarus, welcomed the desire of the Belarusian people “to a democratic and prosperous future” and call for “democratic processes and respect for human rights”.

In July, in Minsk detained the 33 Russians, and then the Federation Council member Alexei Pushkov pointed out that starts “revelation of the involvement of Belarus in the anti-Russian game.”

The Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko criticized Russian policy for almost a year, speaking about the “Imperial ambitions”, and relations with the United States strengthens the middle of winter. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo flew to Minsk and said that Washington is looking forward to establishing partnership relations with Belarus.

July 20 was appointed the Belarusian Ambassador in the United States. Minsk and Washington are mutually recalled its Ambassador 12 years ago, the Embassy was headed by temporary attorneys. However, amid anti-Russian sanctions and the situation in Ukraine, the Belarusian-American relations began to improve significantly.

In the US independence Day, 4 July, Lukashenko congratulated trump on the occasion and stressed that for Belarus it is essential to build relations with the United States “on the basis of common values and priorities.”

He also recalled that the independence Day of the Republic of Belarus falls on 3 July, and expressed the hope to strengthen cooperation — including economic.

“An example of this was the historic first delivery of American crude oil to Belarus this year”, — said the Belarusian President. He added that building a strong relationship with the United States is one of the goals of foreign policy of Minsk.

For its part, Pompeo called on Belarus to expand access to its market for American companies and to reform. According to the head of the state Department, this will help the Minsk “to reach its full trade and investment potential”.

In this regard, Pushkov warned of the danger of interest Lukashenka to Western countries. He recalled the fate of former presidents of Georgia and Ukraine, Eduard Shevardnadze and Viktor Yanukovych, who also flirted with the West.

Previously, Lukashenko had announced plans to discuss with Russian President Vladimir Putin “outside interference” in the Belarusian presidential elections.

According to the President of Belarus on elections in the Republic like to affect the “puppeteers” in Poland and Russia.

“This situation is very difficult. The most modern phony technology, is the intervention from abroad in our elections, internal Affairs,” he said.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, in turn, noted that the accuser should present some arguments, and the lack of them forced to wonder about the veracity of the claims put forward. He also said that Russia is not the United States, responding to a question about a possible investigation of “meddling” in Belarusian elections.


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