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Activity in the network of litecoin is recovering after the March collapse

Litecoin (LTC), many in cryptosuite called the “younger brother” of bitcoin. This digital currency after August halving (reducing rewards miners) fell to a record low.

The fall in the value of Aldona was observed in winter and spring 2020. Some analysts predicted that the coin will soon return to values, 2015.

However, after the so-called “Black Thursday”, March 12, litecoin managed to stay above $30 and no crash Aldona did not happen.

On the night of Tuesday, August 11, LTC is trading at $58,2. In the last 24 hours the market capitalization of bitcoin has grown by 2.5% to $3,799 billion.

According to the platform Santiment, after the March collapse of the network activity on lidoine is gradually recovering. Currently the network has about 113 000 addresses, who make daily transactions.

In early summer the number of active wallets was exceeded 312 000.

The representative of the Litecoin Foundation David Schwartz noted that the activity LTC-address is close to the peak values of the end of 2017. Most likely, the price Aldona will follow the positive dynamics of the behavior of purses.

Based on the indicator of the activity of bitcoin addresses recently by Bloomberg predicted the leap of the largest cryptocurrencies to $20,000 by the end of this year.

Performance of litecoin is also improving, said Schwartz. On Twitter he wrote that now the network can handle per second to 56 transactions.


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