Grumpy rental: why young Japanese employ old people?

The Japanese respect for elders is far not an empty phrase. Since ancient times in the country Nippon, I decided to listen to the opinions of the elderly and to consider their rich life experience. But what if you’re a young Japanese man, and a wise grandfather you have? A new service introduced in the Country of the rising sun solves this problem.

For young Japanese, it is very important to have someone who will say: “shape up, pup! Do not dishonor my gray hair!”. Why rent old men in Japan from the company Ossan Rental is in high demand. For money rent Dzyadok will not only “drink blood”, to grumble and to tell about how alone attacked with a katana on pearl Harbor, but also be able to give good life advice to the young inexperienced persons.

On the website offering this interesting service, also stated that, in agreement with an older man you can drink with it or take it with you to friends, that he entertained everyone with tales.

Ossan Rental, the company was founded in 2016, the 65-year-old Takanobu, Nishimoto, former baseball player, and his friend Mikio the Sand designer. The idea to open a company, whose name translates literally as “rent old men” emerged after a conversation about how to secure a comfortable old age and not particularly to do too much.

After analyzing the market, the two friends realized that the best way to work is to give advice to other people, of course, if they need them. In addition to material benefits, Takanobu and also pursued a noble goal — the return of the former respect for the elderly.

Despite the fact that the FILIAL piety of the Japanese blood, in recent years there has been a tendency to perceive older people a few down. The younger generation making fun of the technical backwardness of the elderly, their manner of dressing and talking, looks and Hobbies.

The creators of the project Ossan Rental defy the stereotypes and prove that people of age too early to dismiss. Grandfather, on the house, will not only have fun, but also for moral support in a difficult situation and give good advice.

At the initial stage, entrepreneurs are not too well understood, what will be included in the list of services and how much it might cost. But now, after two years of work, Takanobu and also know very well that demand among young people, and how to behave with different groups of customers.

Among the most popular services we need to emphasize are:

  • A joint trip to the bar or feast at home, drinking, anecdotes and tales;
  • To work, “vest”, to listen to complaints about unfair life and to provide the Council of the wise Sensei;
  • Tour one of the areas of the city showing him interesting, including a hot spot;
  • Help around the house — fixing things, told them how it’s done and subsequent “washing” of work;
  • To stand in line, for example an iPhone or a concert ticket, while the client is working or resting;
  • Assistance with obtaining temporary residence permits to foreigners.

There are also non-standard orders. The most interesting of them are the owners of the company “rent old men” consider:

  • The presence at the party in as a guest, imbued with an old man’s sarcasm;
  • The homework with the child;
  • Play the role of a strict father or a guy or his lover to teach young people not to give in to bitter old people;
  • The provision of unbiased outsider opinions about the talent or the work performed.

The cheapest and the most popular service — just chat about life. This pleasure will cost 1,000 yen (about 700 rubles).

Was in the short history Ossan Rental and bad orders. One grandfather ordered the widow to talk to him about her late husband. Another sad call was to a terminally ill woman who was not able to eat. She bought delicacies and sweets, and the employee had with her to try and describe their feelings.

The company has not one or two sederhana the mission of his grandfather and the whole team. On the website you can choose a man looking at his photos and reading the biography. About the work performed by the Ossan Rental, you already know not only in Japan but also abroad for its successes watch people in different parts of the world. According to many of them, the firm did much to preserve the prestige of the elderly not only in Japan.

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