The mother is blind, has hearing loss and nearly died because of breast implants for $10 thousand.

Six months after Shannon Plemons had surgery for breast augmentation, she began to suffer from chronic joint pain, migraines, hair loss, and then lost his sight and hearing. Soon, doctors told his mother from Arkansas that she would live 6 months — and all due to breast implants cost in $10 thousand.

42-year-old Shannon get a boob job C Cup B Cup D in 2010 to feel confident. She had no idea that implants are “almost going to kill her“.

“It was my decision and I have to live with the guilt because I almost killed myself. You are not warned about all the risks. — says the woman is Not warned that the implants are full of toxic metals”.

Mercury Press. Shannon before surgery

Just six months after the operation, Shannon began to suffer from chronic joint pain, migraines and hair loss. In the end, the pain became so excruciating that a fan of the gym stopped to find the strength to get out of bed and was convinced I was dying.

“It was painful even just to stand. — she recalls — there is No words to describe how strong I felt pain. Looking back, I realize how my body rejected the implants. The pain started at the ankles, then moved to thighs, then back, and then spread throughout the body. Besides, I suffered from debilitating headaches”.

“I aged about 20 years and for no reason gained weight. Then my Breasts just swelled up and became huge.”

In the end, doctors said Plemons that she had six months to live. It happened after she discovered that she had a ruptured silicone implant in the left breast.

Mercury Press. Shannon after surgery

Fortunately, she removed both the implant. Now, according to Shannon, she “felt alive again“.

“It was so scary. I don’t even have time to grow all his children — the youngest 15 years old, and they almost lost mom due to breast implants. Now I need to take medicines every day, because my body is full of toxins.”

Shannon, whose four children, says he “felt like inside her grows a monster“until the implant is removed.

“As soon as I woke up after surgery, I thought someone turned on the light. My vision and hearing returned. Health has improved. I feel alive again for the first time in many years.”

Now Shannon wants to warn other women about the dangers of breast implants.

“I had the surgery because of low self-esteem < … > because I wanted to, I liked looking at myself in the mirror. But, if you have thought about implants, I beg you to reconsider. They can cost you your life”.

“I can’t bring back lost years, but <…> can help other women. If my story will save one of them from such mistakes, it was worth it.”


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