Where to learn how to do a manicure?

There are a number of professions, for which you do not need to study 5 years at University. Today is a very popular work manicurist who can go through the course training and become a professional expert in just a few months. How to learn the art of nail art?


Many of those who want to learn how to do a manicure or pedicure, choose which way to do it. Two options – self-learning (mostly via the Internet) or school of nail Polish. And the choice is often made in favor of home training, since it’s free, fast and convenient. Such a scenario has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s deal with the advantages of independent learning:

— ability to learn free video tutorials, which are fully online,
— expense for consumables,
— no need to drive every day to class.

On the other hand, the employee self-taught is much less likely to find work compared to those who finished the manicure courses with employment. And to get to the beauty salon or the cosmetology center is unlikely to succeed, as hands will not have a certificate that proves your level. The lack of a diploma will not let you get too fast to expand its client base.


Today there are many courses manicure with employmentafter the training on which you can easily find a job. The necessary knowledge and skills can be obtained for a short period, timely application of them in practice. So, among the advantages of training in special companies are the following:

— obtaining of systematized knowledge, which are presented from simple to complex,
— ease in finding a job in a prestigious salon
— a certificate that will emphasize the professionalism of the master,
— the ability to communicate with other artists and exchange of experience with them.

However, many people think that training in the school of manicure is too expensive. Actually will have to pay only the rate, but everything else, from tools to materials will be provided free of charge.
Today very popular with students used by the school “Golden Nika”, which takes beginners and experienced masters for training. The uniqueness of the school is that the training is based on the author’s program consists of 156 hours. In addition, the training center provides the opportunity to choose a convenient training schedule – morning, day or evening groups. As you can see, it is better to learn in school but through self-education will enhance the level of their knowledge and skills.

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