9 scientifically-proven reasons to get a dog

Loyal, ready to help and always glad to have you along — Yes, he is, man’s best friend!

Dogs accompany people for more than 18,000 years, being the first in the history of Pets. And it not just. Scientists have proven that dogs make us laugh more than cats, makes us more mobile and even reduce the chances of falling into depression. Well, if you still don’t believe that a dog is man’s best friend (or you need to convince someone), then here’s a good reason why you should have your four-legged friend.

1. Dogs make us laugh.

According to one study published in the journal Society & Animals, dog owners laugh more often. The researchers interviewed dog owners, cat owners and owners of both and, after analyzing the data came to the conclusion that the owners of dogs or dogs and cats laugh more often than all the others.

2. Dogs are faithful.

The dog joined the man 18-32 thousand years ago, and evolved from the wolf. Wolves live in packs, where relationships between relatives are very strong. It is this behavior and makes dogs so right. Scientist Stephen Zawistowski explains that dogs see their owners each “flock”, and therefore become attached to him as if he were his brother or sister.

3. Dogs make us more sociable.

In the UK the team of scientists from the University of Liverpool and Bristol found that dog people are more friends than those who do not have dogs. Logical, given that the dog will make you more likely to leave home and walk in the Park where you likely to meet other owners of four-legged Pets.

4. Dogs make us healthier.

Yes, dogs can protect us from disease. Children born in the house where there is dog, there is less risk of developing asthma and allergies to dust. A study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences last year showed that the children in the house where the dog lives, has developed a special group of microbes, which protects you from allergens. It is reported that these microbes protect baby from developing allergies to dust.

5. Dogs make us more active.

Obesity is one of the main problems of modern society. University of Michigan study showed that 60% of dog owners who regularly walk their Pets, have a normal weight. Moreover, older people walking their dogs, more mobile and physically healthy than those who are simply walking with a partner.

6. Dogs save lives.

Dogs best friends cats, but, for example, in the beginning of this year in Florida dog rescued cat… by blood transfusion. Some dogs have a universal blood type, like some people, so when a cat named Buttercup was not of the feline donor, veterinarians used the dog. A cat has survived. People dogs too, of course, help. Specially trained dogs, for example, can smell a stroke in 15 minutes before it happens, and start barking to alert the man. Like dogs could smell it, it is still not known.

7. Dogs give us a sense of what we need.

Dogs are great companions for anyone, but especially for the elderly. According to a study of the journal of Social Psychology, elderly dog owners more satisfied with their social, physical and moral condition, than men of the same age without a dog.

8. Dogs give us confidence.

Another study revealed that dogs are able to give some patients confidence and strength to move on.

9. Dogs just make us happy.

Just by looking at his faithful four-legged friend, you will feel much better because your body will release the hormone oxytocin. Dog owners are less depressed, less fatigue, higher self-esteem and generally happy with life. So go ahead, get a dog. But remember — it’s a big responsibility! Do not buy a dog if you are not ready to become the kind of friend to her as she is.

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