So you haven’t seen them: photos of the 25 cities with a bird’s eye

While traveling we often can’t see all the beauty, because people walk on the ground and can’t appreciate the building from all points of view, especially as they were intended by the architects. They not only decorated the walls and tried to fit their creations into the existing building and saw everything as if from above.

Before you look at the city from above for ordinary people was only possible from a helicopter, but now this can be done by a drone! We offer you to enjoy the views of famous cities from a bird’s flight.

Barcelona and its main attraction is the Sagrada Familia or simply Sagrada Familia

Arc de Triomphe in Paris

Dubai Skyscrapers

The Lotus temple in new Delhi

District Westerdok in Amsterdam

St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow

Italian tiled roofs of Siena

Geometrically regular blocks of Seattle

The red Fort in the Indian city of Agra

Prambanan — a complex of Buddhist and Hindu temples in Indonesia

Districts of the Argentine city of La Plata

Heroes square in Budapest

The largest of the Mexican resort of Cancun

Cesky Krumlov is a small town in the Czech Republic, whose historical center listed as world heritage by UNESCO

The main square of Madrid — Plaza Mayor

Michael wing of the Hofburg Palace in Vienna

Rio de Janeiro and its famous beaches

Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev

One of the oldest cities in the world — Varanasi, India

The monument to the Mexican revolution in Mexico city

And again in Paris. View of the Louvre

It looks like Sao Paulo

Toronto from the top, perhaps, can read only local pilots

The Capital Of Peru — Lima

The Estadio monumental in Argentina Buenos Aires

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