How to get “Oscar” in 6 years: the story of the youngest holders of awards

In the world of cinema also has its prodigies. Some of us have, like Leonardo DiCaprio, for years to wait for official recognition of his merits, and someone manages to get a coveted statuette at the dawn filmography. It happened with the girl doll 1930s Shirley temple — the youngest winner of the award “Oscar” and the most popular child actress of all time. However, her fate was the same as the fate of many geeks: when she grew up, forgot about it.

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Achievements Shirley was not so much her own merit, as the result of the efforts of her parents. Since the birth of her daughter, they decided that she would have to be a star.

In three years she was sent to a famous dance school miss Melgen. That’s where it drew the attention of a Hollywood producer who sought children for the music of the series.

Shirley appeared on the screens just in time: during the great depression people needed in such a Sunny and bright images, forcing to forget about unemployment and rampant crime.

Shirley even managed to save twentieth century Fox from bankruptcy. Little actress worked with the best writers, actors and composers of Hollywood.

The parents continued to work tirelessly over the image of his daughter: my mother every day curled her hair, became her trademark, the girl hired a private teacher for learning the tap-dance — while the reporters talked about her innate dance talent. As a result, Shirley became one of the highest paid Actresses in Hollywood during the great depression.

Shirley in the movie “the Little Colonel” and “Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm”.

In 1934, at the age of six, Shirley temple became the owner of awards “Oscar” and permanently went down in history as the youngest actress to be awarded the prestigious award. However, now the award is called “unreal”, as it was called an “honorary child”.

Saying that Shirley won not because of talent, but only because he “brought more happiness to millions of children and adults than any other child in the world.” At least that was the official wording of the American Academy.

At a young age Shirley has learned that fame has its downside. “In six years I stopped believing in Santa Claus. Before Christmas my mom took me to the store, and congratulate buyers Santa has asked me for an autograph,” with sadness she recalled.

To eight years the girl earned more than $ 8 million. Her portraits printed on postcards, posters, Souvenirs. The most popular toy in the world before the advent of the Barbie doll was a copy of Shirley temple. This charming girl caused a smile to absolutely everyone. 250 thousand records of Christmas songs in her performance flew off the shelves in three days. In 1935, she left a handprint on the walk of fame in Los Angeles.

Some critics accused the young actress that she’s just overreacting, and called it “agile manekineko” and predicted her imminent oblivion, as “circus acts quickly stale”. As usual, the audience adored her smile and believed in what she reconciles the lovers.

The good news was Shirley temple when she was 12 years old. It did not take on the role of Dorothy in “the Wizard of Oz”, another film with her participation failed. Shirley was not a charming child, she grew up.

Temple starred in several movies, but the popularity of the former has not disappeared. On this little star’s film career was over.

Adult Shirley was no longer interesting to the viewer.

From the world of cinema Shirley went into the world of politics. She became a member of the Republican party, participated in election campaign of Nixon, she wanted to become a Senator, but lost the election. She became the first woman to hold the post of chief of the presidential Protocol service, was U.S. Ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia.

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