“We are deeply disappointed”: Pompeo has threatened Lukashenko with sanctions

«Мы глубоко разочарованы»: Помпео пригрозил Лукашенко санкциямиUSA may impose sanctions against Belarus and to stop oil supplies to the country on the background of presidential elections in the Republic. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo noted that Washington will monitor developments and to cooperate with the EU to the “development response”. He also condemned the actions of Belarusian security forces brutally suppress the speech of citizens.

The United States may suspend deliveries of oil to Belarus and to impose sanctions against its leadership on the background of events in the country. In an interview with “Radio Liberty” said the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

“I’m sure we will consider each of these questions, it should be noted criteria. We must achieve good results for Belarusian citizens, does it turn into sanctions or the decision to supply? All of this is still to be determined,” — said the head of the American Department of state.

He stressed that the United States will watch the situation “in the near future.” In addition, Washington intends to cooperate with Brussels to develop a joint response US-EU on the events in Belarus.

“We were incredibly concerned about the elections and are deeply disappointed that the vote was not free and fair. We observed such behavior before, we’re sorry about what happened also,” said Pompeo.

He condemned the violence of the security forces against the citizens of Belarus and stated that “the United States has not yet decided on an appropriate response.”

Belarusians protest from August 9 on the streets of the country they demand to revise the results of the presidential elections, in which 80% of the votes won unchallenged since 1994 the head of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko. People are also calling on the President to resign.

The protests were brutally suppressed by Belarusian Riot police and other special forces people beaten, shot to kill, use gas and water cannons.

On the other hand, the Ministry of interior of the Republic of Belarus informs about the armed reinforcement people who have a militia resistance. The use of security forces of violence to disperse protests in Belarus acquitted the Parliament. MPs condemned the “attempts of a few biased groups to divide society and destabilize the situation in the country.”

They found the actions of law enforcement officers is adequate. While the Parliament stressed that the path of violence is unacceptable for the Belarusian people.

Many protesters have gone missing after they were detained by the security forces. A number of journalists, including from Russia, were detained and beaten. Reported harsh conditions and abuse of detainees in Belarusian the police Department and jail. According to the latest data, suffered from the actions of the security forces, hundreds of Belarusians. Three nights of protests, the police detained about 6 million people.

What is happening in Belarus caused a relatively weak international response.

In addition to the precautionary statements USA, the official representative of the Cabinet of Germany Steffen Seibert said that the voting in Belarus did not meet even the minimum standards for democratic elections and called for an end to violence against protesters.

“It’s a real wave of repression,” said Seibert. He added that EU authorities are studying the issue of sanctions against those who ordered the brutal suppression of protest.

The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrew Babish said that he was shocked by the behavior of the Belarus security forces against demonstrators and called on the EU to impose sanctions against the authorities of the country.

“I never imagined that something like this, scandalous, may occur in Europe”, — said the head of the Czech government.

The European Commission declined to comment on Reuters whether the newly introduced sanctions against the country.

“The whole complex of issues concerning the relations between the European Union and Belarus, is currently being considered in connection with the unfortunate events that were associated with the presidential elections”, — said the EC.

The foreign Ministry of Belarus said that neighboring countries do not want to do loud statements about events in the Republic, as it could further heat up the instability in the society. Minsk considers “absolutely unacceptable” how quickly some European officials made the important for Belarus political statements, “without even trying to understand objectively and realistically assess the situation.”


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