Playful photo under the Christmas tree from old albums

Oliver Wasow collected interesting family photo under the Christmas tree. It retrocollective many absolutely ridiculous shots, and their absurdity can be categorized by the characters, including the Christmas tree and poses and facial expressions. So I want to ask: I wanted to say to the photographer? And they tried to Express the model? Surely, if you dig into old albums and the family, you can find something similar, but here are the most cream.

Toy dog will no longer pour.

This gentleman absolutely unambiguous understanding of the holiday.

Sold my last pants to buy his wife a gift?

The ensemble of songs and dances…

Someone well behaved 365 days until the New year.

Interestingly and tights with a sweater one or what?..

This is the snow maiden!

Everyone has their own holiday. Someone said with the TV, and someone- with the photographer.

Pants could be higher to pull.

Green needles? No, not heard.

Decorate the tree — this is for you not coat pants. Especially if the tree is slightly shabby.

Who chopped salads, and who built Babylon on the head.

On the left, must be a Christmas tree.

“Light my mirror, tell me…”

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