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Purse MyEtherWallet added support for DeFi-protocols Ren and Aave

Purse MyEtherWallet (MEW) is expanding its integration with decentralized Finance (DeFi). Thursday, August 13, the developers of the wallet has announced integration with projects Aave and Ren ― they will use the system MEWconnect.

MEWconnect is the reference system of the wallets, which was designed specifically for the MEW (similar solutions can be found in other wallets with the support of decentralized applications such as Metamask and a Coinbase Wallet). The system was originally designed to securely connect mobile users MEW (read more in this article).

Currently MEWconnect used not only in the app MEW and allows users of other hardware and software wallets connect to the Ethereum blockchain. The company States that it does not want to tie users to a particular decision, as this is the overall goal of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Cosala Hemchandra, the General Director of the MEW expects that Aave and Ren will be followed by other projects: “API MEWconnect very convenient for developers, and we hope that in the near future many other projects integrate Protocol”.

Thanks to integration, users MyEtherWallet now have a wider variety of lending options using Aave, as well as access tokens from other blockchains using “bridges” Ren.

MyEtherWallet is one of the oldest of their existing Ethereum-wallet, which has become very popular in the Wake of the boom of the ICO in 2017.


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